Better Mortgage to use Samsung Reward API

Digital mortgage company Better Mortgage said today they will be one of the first third parties to employ Samsung Reward’s new API.

Samsung Rewards gives Samsung users points for meaningful engagements with their Samsung device such as checkouts or using Samsung Health or Bixby. Those users can now earn points when they get pre-approved for a mortgage, lock in a rate or fund a transaction, with Better Mortgage being a featured Samsung partners. Points can be redeemed for Samsung products, gift cards, contest entries or a Samsung Rewards card.

Vishal Garg

“Samsung and Better are both committed to using technology to improve people’s lives, which at its core, means removing friction from the process,” Better CEO Vishal Garg said.

“At Better, we’ve made it possible to get pre-approved for a mortgage in as little as three to five minutes without the hassle of cold calls or bait-and-switch pricing. By integrating with Samsung Reward’s API, we’re able to provide an even better customer experience to a new audience who wants to do everything from paying for coffee to buying a home right from their phone.”

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