ULedger partners with Kount

Blockchain technology company ULedger is exploring a partnership with Kount, a provider of artificial intelligence and e-commerce protection.

Together the two will address regulatory requirements, data transparency and cyber threats.

“It’s ULedger’s mission to bring transparency, integrity and trust to data,” founder and CEO Josh McIver said. “Exploring ways to work with Kount would help significantly further that mission by combining two of the most cutting-edge technologies – blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Josh McIver

“At a time where news of large data breaches are all too frequent, it’s combining powerful tools like these that can shine a light on critical information such as which data may have been poisoned or modified, and determine when the breach occurred. We are excited to be teaming up with another Boise-based technology leader to explore ways in which we can continue protecting enterprises’ most valuable assets.”

ULedger technology allows a company’s existing technology to be blockchain-enabled. It mathematically certifies data integrity, publishing time, and its order in relative to other events.

“AI has exponentially expanded the realm of possibilities for fraud-fighting services we provide our clients, and we see the same potential with blockchain technology more and more each day,” Kount CEO Brad Wiskirchen said. “Exploring these solutions with ULedger and looking at what an integration of AI technology and blockchain seems like a pretty natural path. Enabling companies to dramatically increase levels of integrity and security when handling data is the goal.”

Kount helps clients improve sales by reducing fraud. Its proprietary technology has reviewed billions of transactions.