Igor Khmel

Blockchain accountancy firm Balanc3 joins BANKEX advisory board

Blockchain-based accountancy platform Balanc3 has joined the advisory board of BaaS provider BANKEX.

“With the explosion in fin-tech and blockchain projects comes a very real need for transparency, scalability, and trust,” BANKEX founder and CEO Igor Khmel said.

Igor Khmel

“Balanc3 has created an accountancy platform that specifically addresses the unique needs of the emerging blockchain industry while eliminating some of the uncertainties for token holders.

“We believe this collaboration is a major step in not only modernizing traditional financial and accountancy systems but encouraging the mainstream adoption of blockchain.”

A ConsenSys formation, Balanc3 created an accountancy platform to meet the needs of token generation events and blockchain-based projects. Its services include triple-entry accounting and on-chain transactions.

“We are very excited about becoming BANKEX’s advisor,” Balanc3 founder Griffin Anderson said.

“At Balanc3 we feel very strongly that a significant number of assets will be tokenized and digitized over the next few years. BANKEX’s unique Proof-of-Asset Protocol is a significant step forward in this mission. BANKEX’s efforts will give traditional clients access to the benefits of blockchain-based solutions and lay the foundation for a new banking economy.”

BANKEX’s advisory board also includes Chronobank founder Sergey Sergienko, Waves founder Sasha Ivanov, early Ethereum investor Nehemia Kramer, financial markets strategist Chris Skinner and Symphony Foundation executive director Gabriele Colombo. Stanford Graduate School of Business economics professor Michael Ostrovsky and University of Maryland professor of economics Peter Crampton are academic advisors.

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