Neuromation links with TaaS

Neuromation has linked with TaaS, a tokenized closed-end fund.

TaaS is the last-generation tokenized closed-end fund focused on crypto assets. It is designed to reduce risks and technical barriers associated with blockchain-related investing.

Neuromation gains access to cryptomarkets.

“Neuromation is focused on developing AI and deep learning,” TaaS president and CEO Ruslan Gavrilyuk said.

Ruslan Gavrilyuk

“From this perspective, deployment of the Neuromation platform on blockchain technology is essential. TaaS sees it becoming the keystone of the future success of the project. This partnership and further cooperation will become an area of great promise and potential for both parties”.

“We are delighted to announce this deal in partnership with the TaaS fund,” Neuromation CEO Maxim Prasolov said.

“Combining the new digital frontiers of Blockchain and AI we are spreading the technological synergy to the industrial and trade processes.

“Today AI development is costly therefore its wide usage and implementation are slow. Neuromation offers the revolutionary solution to unite distributed computing power with the needs of thousands of deep learning projects and b2b clients all over the world. As a producer of synthetic data and trainer of neural networks, Neuromation is the first client of its own platform. Using this complex solution we have already achieved significant progress in our Retail Lab, providing image recognition services to major retail brands. We believe in the fast-growing economy of tokenization and our platform will be an integral part”.