Jacques Jiha

PayNearMe offers 7-Eleven parking ticket payment capability

PayNearMe is partnering with New York City’s Department of Finance to allow parking ticket recipients to pay their penalties at more than 100 7-Elevens in the five boroughs.

Jacques Jiha

“No one likes paying parking tickets, but PayNearMe makes it convenient for those who prefer to resolve their debt by paying cash,” said Jacques Jiha, NYC Department of Finance Commissioner.

“We are pleased to offer this service as an additional payment option for New York City drivers, as it is in line with our consistent efforts to enhance customer service.”

New York City’s Department of Finance processed more than 230,000 transactions in 2016. It is expected the addition of 7-Eleven will make payment easier by allowing offenders to obtain a PayNearMe code at the municipal website. The code is presented at a 7-Eleven and payment is posted within an hour. A $2.99 fee is charged.

“PayNearMe looks forward to working with the City of New York to offer new cash payment alternatives,” said Mike Kaplan, senior vice president of merchant processing.

“With a significant number of payment locations, people can pay their fines anytime, day or night. It also removes the strain from city offices and automates the payment process so that payments post on time and money can be put back to work.”

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