Create the perfect home office

If you have just taken the leap and quit your 9-5 in pursuit of something better, well done. It is only a handful of people who make that courageous decision to step out of the traditional working world and make their own way. Once you’ve made the decision it’s time to turn your home into the perfect office, and here are things you’ll want to consider when you do:


Before you begin assembling your office, think about the software you currently have to hand on your domestic computer and the internet server you have at home. If you are going to be working for yourself and spending a lot of time on the computer, you will want to have the latest technology and a good wireless network to work with.

Another consideration is to have a separate phone line put into your home so that you don’t get business associates or clients calling your home landline. You can even outsource this and have a virtual receptionist to take calls for you during the day.

The final thing to make sure you have is insurance for the equipment you keep in the home office. This will ensure that if anything bad ever happens in your home, you won’t lose anything from your business.


You don’t want to be working in the smallest room in the house which has no window and fluorescent yellow light shining down on you day in day out. The key to great lighting in your office is to make sure there is a south-facing window in the room so that during the day you get lots of sunlight to your home. You can also add a mirror to one of the walls to reflect the light and make it even brighter for when you are working.

As far as light bulbs go, try not to go for warm temperature lighting, because after a while it can cause your eyes to strain and give you headaches. Find lights as close to white as you can and make sure the bulbs are energy efficient to save some money.

Avoiding distractions

The last thing you want to be doing is sitting in your lounger while the kids run around and distract you at every opportunity. You have to treat your home as if it is work, so you must segregate yourself from the familiar comforts of home in order to work effectively. Don’t plant yourself in front of the TV, if you do play the radio try to play it fairly low volume. And most of all, make sure that the only things in your eyeline are things related to work. By all means keep your phone on loud in case of emergencies, but leave it somewhere you can’t see it. The less distractions you have, the more productive you’ll be.

Organise the space

Make sure to buy great office desks with lots of storage areas for your files, paperwork and equipment for the day. Invest in some colourful folders to keep your separate work projects, make sure to leave your desk clear or clutter, and buy yourself a stationary pot for the surface of your desk.

Make sure that everything you have on the desk at one time is absolutely necessary, a clear desk equals a clear mind and will allow you to concentrate on what’s important.

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