World Funding Summit unites venture, crypto leaders

Victoria Silchenko speaking at a recent Summit.

With over $1 billion in the house, the upcoming World Funding Summit is set to be one of the most significant financial gatherings of the year.

Disruptive investors and venture financiers from around the globe will convene at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Nov. 17 and 18.

Topics include ICO and blockchain, liquidity for crowdfunded ventures, the future of venture capital and angel investing, global microfinance, P2P, EB5 and royalty financing.

With a mission of widening access to capital for small businesses and underserved markets, the acclaimed annual event has built its reputation on exclusive content and high-profile speakers and delegates.

Extended this year to two days, the world-class conference has added a Capital Expo, “The Future is Now,” and a separate track which will run throughout the second day: “ICO: All You Need to Know,” accompanied by a contest with the goal of finding the best business model for ICO.

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What is being said about the summit:

“The future of finance with its long-awaited transparency, inclusivity and connectivity has arrived and I look forward to having a conversation that will help us define a proper economic model and legal framework on a global scale. Participants will learn about the future of finance from those who are actually shaping it,” said Victoria Silchenko, PhD (US), a thought leader in alternative finance, an educator and the creator of the summit.

She added, “We are proud to be supported by some of the most forward-looking companies, for example, ICOInvestor.TV, Dmarket and DreamTeam.”

Barry James

Barry James (UK), Author of ‘New Routes to Funding,’ and co-chair of the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Non-Bank Finance says: “The World Funding Summit finds us at a crucial stage of the deepest disruption yet: inspired and powered by blockchain technology, funding and finance are being reinvented around the globe. Which is why I am delighted to be speaking and working with the pioneers helping shape, not just the technology and business models that will power all this, but also our future.”

Alexander Kokhanovskyy (Ukraine), CEO and founder of DreamTeam noted: “Looking forward to taking part in the World Funding Summit as it is one of the most important events for new-generation companies like DreamTeam. I’m confident that blockchain technology, which is the core of DreamTeam, will skyrocket Esports and many other industries.”

Manie Eagar (Canada), Chairman at Blockchain Association of Canada adds: “Blockchain has created the new token economy where ICOs have overtaken traditional VC fundraising in scope and scale and global reach. Canada aims to be a leader in this space.”

World Funding Summit (formerly Global Alternative Funding Forum) is the premier mission-driven event in modern venture financing and a unique knowledge-driven connecting platform that stands at the forefront of financial innovation and features the most comprehensive mix of capital sources. Since 2012 it has been uniting disruptive investors and institutional financiers globally.

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