Steemit unveils new design on eve of SteemFest 2

Blockchain-based social network Steemit has revealed a new rebrand and redesign of its website and mobile app ahead of the second annual SteemFest, which begins today.

Taking place in Lisbon, the two-day SteemFest 2 includes conference sessions, multiple social events, a hackathon and more. The Steemit Team will discuss new open source software that is being released to improve the value and utility of the Steem Blockchain including AppBase, which will make the Steem blockchain the first modular blockchain, Jussi, a caching layer that will sit between web interfaces and the Steem blockchain to simplify the process a large volume of API requests, and a new mobile wallet.

CEO Ned Scott

CEO Ned Scott

“We’ve experienced such incredible growth since our launch last year and the Steem Blockchain is now one of the most scalable and efficient blockchains in the industry,” Steemit founder and CEO Ned Scott said. “We are no longer the ‘new kid on the blockchain’ and the Steemit team has matured into an increasingly large, scalable and continuously hyperproductive organization. The new look and feel of our app and website are better for users and demonstrable signs of Steemit’s development since our inception.” is getting its own logo and colour scheme to set it apart from the logo and colour scheme of the Steem blockchain. The user interface will also experience a modern overhaul to provide users with the level of fit and finish they’ve come to expect from serious web applications.

“Steemit’s flagship product,, is one of the few web interfaces for a blockchain in existence and certainly the one with by far the most users,” Scott said. “We have been operating for over a year, distributing millions of dollars worth of STEEM to people leveraging Steem’s unique proof-of-brain algorithms to earn rewards for posting content, commenting, and curating content.

“Beyond Steemit, we have introduced Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) which allow individual organizations and companies to integrate a customizable and intelligent token system into their website, portal, or platform, and we will continue to push the envelope of what’s possible for blockchain technology and digital media.”

The design of Steemit’s mobile app will also be consistent with the rebrand and updated design of It will be a world-class mobile crypto wallet that will be the easiest and most secure way to access your Steem wallet, send and receive STEEM, power up, power down, view account history, and more. The mobile application will make it simple and streamlined for the 400,000+ Steem accounts to use the STEEM they earn from blogging, commenting, and curating, to pay one another or pay vendors who can also use the application to accept STEEM for goods and services.

Steemit is also introducing a dev portal which will help establish STEEM as one of the preeminent protocol blockchains by making it even easier for developers to begin leveraging it to build powerful applications. Many applications already leverage the Steem Blockchain to generate revenue and increase userbases, and the dev portal has been architected to further improve the ease and utility of developing on Steem.