Liberty Capital Group to start small-ticket business funding

Liberty Capital Group has announced that it will start lending small ticket funding, micro business loans to small businesses in California that have often been neglected by the bank and non-bank lenders thus cutting them out of the loop to access micro business loans.

They will fill the gap for small mom and pop startups that have for a long time been left out of the main business loan net in California. They understand that small businesses are the foundation of our economy. This is after their success as a broker for the last ten years, they believe it’s time to scale up.

Following this decision, California small businesses owners now stand a chance to grow their businesses as Liberty Capital Group moves in to close the gap between the small businesses that pop up every day and access to capital to grow and expand. This is a service that has hitherto not been readily available for the micro businesses as the traditional lenders have been reluctant to offer credit to businesses that do not have a business credit history or payment history.

As a California licensed lender and broker under the State of California Department of Business Oversight, for Liberty Capital Group this means micro-businesses in California can now have the same opportunity to access capital competitively.

Liberty Capital’s CEO, Adrian Dalsey, stated “…over 29 million small businesses in America, 23 million are self-employed, therefore, our economy relies on small businesses. Around half of the American workforce is employed by a small business, and almost 67% of all new jobs are generated by small businesses. It’s not just the size of revenue, it’s also certain industries that are sadly neglected.”

“Since inception, we believe in listening to our clients to best determine the right funding at the right time that works well for everyone, which is a testament by our low default rate and one of the lowest in the industry.”

Because Liberty Capital Group understands that small business lending is not one-size-fits-all.

Liberty Capital Group has broadened its lending range to accommodate both the smallest businesses and low-income startups. Starting with business microloans from $5,000 to $75,000, they’d like to minimize their risk whereby avoiding putting a strain on their client’s cash flow. They believe cash flow is critical for any young and small businesses.

Liberty Capital still believe in manual underwriting especially for the small business where business credit isn’t widely visible. They review each applicant in details beyond personal credit score and understand business goals by focusing on the growth plans, thus, making a personalized underwriting more accessible.

About Liberty Capital Group

As a stakeholder in the American Dream, Liberty Capital Group is a private and self-funded financial institution. Without the hedge funds backers or investors, they still make it possible for small business to compete and grow in today’s economy by providing the lowest cost of funds.

Liberty Capital Group has been offering small business funding to small businesses including equipment lease, factoring, and financing. They have facilitated more than $200 million in an aggregate of loans and leases to small and established businesses for the time they have been in business.

They are headquartered in 1011 Camino Del Rio South Suite 440 in San Diego California. For more information, you can call (888) 789-4365 or send an email to Liberty Capital Group