Why it’s better to be an online retailer

In the world of business nowadays, a lot of things have changed. No longer do you have to stick to one tried and tested model in order to get the customers rolling in; as shoppers changed their habits so did big business.

This idea of cause and effect still affects us now, so people with their own startups and international companies are on constant watch of their sales department.

The main thing that can be noticed is that customers often turn to online shopping over heading to an in-store retailer. So what is it about having an online marketplace for your business that makes you so much more likely for success?

Shopping can be done last minute

The thing about having an online retailer at your disposal is that the customer doesn’t have to lift a finger off of a laptop or mobile in order to make a purchase. It’s this element of comfort and lack of effort that makes online shopping an exciting prospect.

When a customer is head of a busy family of five, or they cannot get time out of their work hours, they’re not going to be able to find the energy or effort to make it down to the high street to seek out what they want. Now they have the ability to search a key term, find a deal, and then buy. 3 easy steps that can be completed in about 5 minutes. A company will get extra sales from people who usually wouldn’t bother, and leaving something to the last minute is no longer a customer alarm bell zone.

The returns policy is easier

When a customer has a ‘returns’ button clearly displayed for them, you’re more likely to get stock back that you can sell to another customer, and more precise and targeted feedback from clients.

If a customer can try on clothes or test out gadgets in the comfort of their own home, they’re going to be a lot more secure about making a sale in the first place. Knowing they have the absolute guarantee of being able to bring back anything they don’t want? That’s just the cherry on top.

It doesn’t have to be expensive for the retailer

If you don’t have to store anything front of house, and simply keep your stock in the warehouse, you’re not going to have to pay for any extraneous expenses in the form of shop lighting, warming, or plumbing, other employee wages, or monthly rent to keep your business open.

Working online means you can use courier services at cheap and realistic rates, like that of Shiply, and only dig out what you need when somebody places an order. When you only need to come up with a storage system and package tracking, you’re going to find it a lot cheaper to run your shop than you would in a more traditional business situation.

So try to implement an online shop for your business if you’re looking to boost your sales.

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