Five reasons diversity is a central theme of the workplace

“Diversity? What in the hell is diversity?!”

“I could be wrong but I believe it’s an old, old wooden ship used in the civil war era?”

As Ron Burgundy and Champ point out, diversity isn’t a well-understood concept in the industry. But, the good news is you don’t have to be as naïve or ignorant as the Anchorman. In fact, you should try to be the opposite because diversity is a cornerstone of success, and here’s why.

Bigger Base

The problem with doing things the “old way” is a smaller sample size. Aside from the immoral aspects, bigotry doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint. With more people from a wider base in the office, the company is bound to benefit. Indeed, a theory called “the wisdom of crowds” says this is definitely the case. Hopefully, everything from creativity to efficiency and profits will improve.

Different Insight

The reason business processes benefit from a unique point of view is culture. Diverse workplaces are often home to people who have lived and worked abroad. As a result, they know methods and techniques which the business may not yet understand. The Japanese tactic of kaizen is a prime example. Implementing new strategies before the competition is a fantastic way to become a market leader. And, once you are in the lead, you can stabilize the business’s position at the top.


Typically, the entire office will benefit from greater diversity. However, marketing is one area which seems to profit the most. One reason is the size and scale of marketing. With more people and better ideas, it’s easier to come up with original and creative plans. Also, points out that diversity allows companies to work with multiple sources. Therefore, a business can boost quality and cut costs.

Better Customer Understanding

An organization which doesn’t understand its customers is one which is bound to fail. To be successful, a firm has to get into the mind of a consumer and give them what they want. A diverse workforce doesn’t guarantee this will happen yet increases the chances. People with an extensive past in the industry should know what the customer wants from the company according to This may be the case with a handful of employees, but the odds are low. Experienced professionals from a range of backgrounds can call on their past to help the business reach out to different bases.


The workplace is like a living organism. Employees come into the office on a daily basis and interact with their colleagues as well as customers. The best businesses can get workers to come together to share and disseminate information. Plus, they also help out each other when someone is in a tight spot. Sadly, this won’t happen without diversity because an employee who doesn’t fit the profile won’t feel welcome. Hiring people from different backgrounds prevents groups from forming and excluding others.

Finally, remember that the individual defines the business.

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