DECENT, Dragonfly bringing the blockchain to gaming

Gaming giant, Dragonfly (+100M Monthly Active Users) and DECENT, developers of a proprietary blockchain technology called DCore, have come together to bring blockchain to the gaming industry.

Together, they are set to tackle some common challenges by creating an innovative digital marketplace solution.

The mobile gaming industry is evolving rapidly, and in order to stay on top, Dragonfly has called on DECENT to help develop a new and fully integrated blockchain-based marketplace. Both parties agree that any solution needs to simultaneously satisfy the following criteria:


Assuring that no external or any single internal user can tamper with stored information


All parties know exactly what’s happening at all times with guaranteed time-stamps


All stored information can be checked and verified


To provide automated solutions that require a minimum effort on the part of the consumer but do not rely on intermediaries to deliver payments.

Overhead Cost Reduction

Ultimate objective by the implementation of the above in order to cut marketplace entry costs and reliance on additional parties.

DCore has the potential to fully answer these challenges, executives believe.

Here is a closer look at some of the problems Dragonfly plans to resolve by using DCore.

Advertising Inefficiencies

In China, 20 per cent of video is paid per view and 80 per cent is ad-supported. Currently, there are a number inefficiencies in the system when monetizing ads. Blockchain tech makes it possible to reward both the viewer and the host while providing much more accurate data for the advertisers.

Offline Access

Gamers want to play their games offline, with a staggering 60 per cent of Dragonfly games being played offline. So DRM (digital rights management) needs to be handled at the point of sale (or download). DCore uses encrypted keys to access data, without which the keys the data cannot be located and downloaded. DCore also allows digital property tokens to be issued and automatically checked behind the scenes to further protect author rights without getting in the way of user experience.

Market Data and Analysis

Nowadays, a software developer has to rely on the marketplace in order to receive exact statistics about downloads and sales. Third party data providers are costly with pricing plans starting at around 12k/year. Without such services, newer apps will have a tough time competing against established moguls. DCore will allow everyone access to this information via the auditable public ledger, inherent in all blockchains.

SMS payments

Perhaps the biggest hit comes from SMS payments. Mobile operators generally take a huge 50-70 per cent commission from the price paid by the user. It can often take four to six months to collect payments and deliver them to game developers. Since SMS payments offer consumers the path of least resistance, Dragonfly sees this as an unavoidable cost for attracting new players to their marketplace.

What if new users had a method of payment that was as easy as an SMS payment, but collection was instant and there was no commission? DCore definitely provides the framework to make this possible and solving this particular issue will be of top priority.

“Dragonfly has teamed up with DECENT to develop a fully integrated system to bring blockchain to millions of gamers around the globe,” said Kalvin Feng, CEO of Dragonfly. “Our cooperation will bring all the advantages of blockchain technology to e-gaming. It’s gonna be a real gamechanger.”

“We’re so pleased to have announced our partnership with Dragonfly at Unchained, which will be a force in bringing blockchain to the gaming industry,” said Matej Michalko, Founder, President of DECENT. “We’re looking forward to developing a secure, automated, and transparent blockchain marketplace, to completely disrupt how items are exchanged in gaming.”