It never rains but pours: How does weather impact construction?

There has never been a better time to work in construction. The wages are high, the demand is steady, and the stigma of being a tradie is getting better.

Plus, there are amazing opportunities for growth, and you can set up a company and become the boss. On the face of it, it appears like a perfect career until the winter weather arrives. Now it’s November, the wind, rain and the snow will snow start to fall and shake a site to its core. So, should construction workers be worried? You are damn right they should.

Here’s how bad weather affects a site

Reduces energy efficiency

Tradesmen and women, you would think, should be the last people to care about the planet. However, going green saves money and reduces costs. And, when you work in construction, cutting expenses is a sure-fire way to make more money.

So, when the temperature drops, the processes become inefficient. This website explains it best by showing how cold temperatures freeze pipelines and everything inside. Only a heating cable can maintain a site’s commitment to Mother Earth and its output as the warmth thaws out the pipes. Anyone who is thinking the extra heat will add to the costs should take a look at heating cable technology again.

Diminishes site safety

Tradies have a lot to deal with regarding safety and security. Because there is lots of heavy machinery and raw materials, an accident can happen at any time. When the weather conditions are good, it’s possible to keep the entire site safe.

However, that changes when the wind picks up and the rain begins to fall. Heavy gusts can force structures to fall over and crash to the ground, while this post points out the rain makes handling equipment slippery. Anyone who stands in the wrong place, or whose hands slip, can have a potentially deadly accident.

Prevents return on investment

When a construction company takes on a project, it wants to make money. To do that, it has to buy materials and pay employees for their time to complete the job. Sadly, the weather can impact the schedule as it may force the company to cease working for a day or two.

If the rain is persistent, the risks are too real. A company who doesn’t use self-employed workers is going to lose a lot of money as the expenses won’t stop. And, the firm won’t make any money because payment doesn’t happen until the job is complete.

Erodes equipment

Cold temperatures and the rain can cause materials and equipment to rust. This happens because most construction sites are full of metal and it erodes when oxygen and water mix. Faulty equipment can lead to a host of issues, from security flaws to increased expenses.

For example, a piece of machinery that isn’t up to standard can malfunction and put the user at risk. Hopefully, everyone will get away without a scratch, but the business still has to buy a replacement.

Ultimately, a construction company has to battle the elements to be successful.

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