Upgrade your office for the new year

2018 is just a month away, and everyone wants to make a fresh start.

Whether it be in your life or your career, there’s no better feeling after Christmas than coming back to a fresh, clean space. If your office is looking a little drab at the moment, why not take some time to upgrade it for the new year?

Hang gadgets on the wall

Just like you would with a flat-screen TV, you can also hang your monitor on the wall to save some desk space. It will also have the added benefit that the screen won’t be too close to your face as you try to work.

Get more storage

To minimise the clutter you have on your desk or strewn across the office throughout the week, think about buying a large chest of drawers or a shelving unit to store your documents and files. You may need to add some boxes or trays to the shelving unit for smaller items but it will make a huge difference to the way your space looks.

Add light

One of the biggest culprits for headaches and eye strain is the room or your screen not being bright enough. If you have windows in your office, try to make sure that your computer is on the opposite wall so that the light shines onto your deskspace throughout the day. Light can also make us feel happier and more productive so it’s a win-win really.


There’s nothing worse than working in a dull, grey space with no sign of colour or personality anywhere in the room. To keep yourself and your team motivated you need to add some splashes of colour, art on the walls and even a couple of office plants. If you have a sofa area in your office- choose a bright colour for the sofas such as red, blue or orange. It will immediately add life to the space.

Have a comfortable chair

Think about the fact that you are spending most of your week sitting down at your desk; and this means that you should make sure to invest in an ergonomic, comfortable and supportive chair for yourself. You want to be as comfortable as possible as you work.

Set up your desk

The next job you will want to tackle is your desk space. Your desk needs enough room to comfortably hold your equipment, files and documents, and your own arms and a cup of tea. You don’t want everything cramped on a small space because when you are working on a project you have nowhere to think and plan. Your desk should be clear of clutter at all times and only the essentials such as your to-do list out for you to see. Another great idea would be to put your to-do list on a whiteboard and hang it on the wall. When it comes to your equipment, check on a site like Dave’s Computers for a new machine, and then decide whether you could do with a new keyboard and mouse too.