Perfect your business premises with these improvements

Every business needs some kind of premises from which to operate. Many small businesses will start in someone’s home office, bedroom or garage.

However, as they grow, they often end up moving first into rented spaces and perhaps eventually into an owned property. If your business has reached the stage where you have purchased your own commercial buildings, you are now responsible for taking care of them.

What your premises look like matters to your staff and might be important to clients or customers too. Whether you have an office building, a store, a workshop, or even a hotel, making improvements to your premises can keep your business going. There are various ways you might improve your business by updating both practical and aesthetic elements of your premises.

Create a secure parking area

Your employees are likely to drive to work, and you might have customers who also drive to see you. Having to drive around looking for somewhere to park is an inconvenience and could also mean paying a lot of money for the privilege of parking. If you have some spare land and you don’t already have a parking area, creating one provides a great benefit for both staff and visitors.

If you have customers or regular visitors to your premises, make sure they have separate parking facilities to your staff. Make sure that your parking area is secure and consider the practicalities of running it. Do you need someone to guard the area or take payments?

Offer cyclist facilities

It’s also a great idea for businesses to encourage people to make their way to them in alternative ways. Cycling is more environmentally friendly, and many people like to get around by bike to stay fit. However, this can be hard to do for some, as they have nowhere secure to put their bicycle when they arrive.

Providing facilities for cyclists can reduce the number of cars in and around your business. You can offer secure bike stands or a bike shed. It might even be helpful if you can have showers for your staff so that they can ensure they’re at their most presentable before they start their workday.

Expand your buildings

If you have some spare land around your existing buildings, you might also want to consider expanding what you have.

Instead of building a parking lot, perhaps adding some storage space or office space could be useful. It’s easy to do with prefab buildings, although you might also want to build something from scratch. If you’re worried about construction, one of the first things you’ll want to do is ensure the land is suitable.

You can find a range of solutions at that will help you if you need to improve the ground before construction. It’s important to have strong foundations before building anything.

Adding to your business’s buildings could help you expand or give you much-needed facilities.

Improve the image of your exterior

What your business looks like from the outside could matter more than you think. Some business owners might not worry too much if they’re not located in an area that gets a lot of people passing through. However, even if your premises are somewhere relatively remote, others can still see you and make judgements based on your business’s appearance.

Investing in improvements to the exterior of your building or buildings is worth it if you want to improve your overall business image. There are various things you might do, from simply painting to some more extensive changes.

Perhaps you could replace doors or windows, make repairs to the roof, or add accessories. New signage could be a good idea to help advertise your business more.

Make your business more secure

Security is essential for any business, and you don’t want to regret neglecting it later. While cybersecurity is important in the modern age, you mustn’t forget the importance of physically securing your business.

There are a few things you might want to think about if you need to improve security. Perhaps it makes sense to replace doors and windows with more secure ones.

A security alarm system could help to make your premises more secure both when it is occupied and when it’s empty. You could even set up a new security system requiring people to have passes they need to scan to get into the building.

Create a better welcome for visitors

If your business has a reception or waiting area, it’s important that it creates a warm welcome for anyone who comes to see you.

There are a few things you might want to consider to create the right space. For example, you can start by ensuring it’s open and accessible and doesn’t seem cluttered. When people enter the building, it should be immediately obvious where they need to go to let someone know they have arrived.

Offering comfortable seating is important too, especially if it’s common for people to have to wait to be seen. You might also want to have music or a television, and perhaps provide refreshments for those who are waiting too. Have a look at for some reception area ideas.

Rethink open-plan offices

Open-plan offices have been advocated for a long time as the perfect solution to an office where everyone works well together.

However, recent studies have suggested that perhaps they’re not all they’re made out to be. In fact, an open-plan design might not be conducive to a productive work environment at all. Many people find it hard to get on with their work in such a space.

Distractions, interruptions, and too much noise mean that your staff might not benefit from the setup as much you would like them too. One thing that could be a good idea instead is to offer different types of working environments so that people can work how they like it best.

Offer recreational spaces for staff

Everyone needs a break sometimes, including your hardworking staff.

If you want to offer them something on your premises that they will appreciate, somewhere they can enjoy their breaks is a good choice. Often, when staff have a few minutes to themselves, all they can do is sit at their desk or in a boring break room, unless they leave and go elsewhere.

But you can help them out by offering something a bit more interesting. They might appreciate a games room, with features such as video games or a pool table. Perhaps you can provide them with a variety of snacks and drinks to enjoy. You could also offer different places for people to sit. Some like to spend their break alone, taking a breather from other people. Others want to be social during their break so would like to sit together in a more social area.

Make your premises more accessible

Any business should have premises that are accessible to people of all abilities. Apart from your responsibility to follow any relevant laws, it makes your business a more welcoming place for customers, employees, and any other people you work with.

You will feel more prepared to take on employees who have accessibility needs and provide a welcoming environment for anyone who visits you. If you want to go beyond what the law expects of you, you can do some research into the sort of facilities people want from the businesses they use.

You can try to make sure that accessible features are built into your premises, instead of add-ons. For example, your entrance might have both steps and a ramp, instead of just steps and a portable ramp that needs to be taken out and put away all the time.

Improve energy efficiency

If you’re making improvements to your business premises, one of the best things you can do is think about how to make it more energy efficient. Not only does it save your business money but it will also improve your image too.

There are both big and small ways to make your business more eco-friendly. Many businesses start by using energy-efficient lights, like LED bulbs, and buying more energy-efficient appliances. You can also consider changing your energy supplier to one that offers renewable energy.

Another option is to consider whether your business can directly benefit from renewable energy sources, such as solar energy. You might be able to install solar panels or have solar thermal heating and hot water.

Have an interior makeover

Sometimes, it’s just time to update your business premises. If everything inside is looking a bit tired, perhaps you need to give it a refresh.

It could give you the opportunity to put a bit more personality into your business premises. You can make sure that your interiors are on-brand, as well as being up to date. Perhaps it’s time to put some new technology in or simply to redecorate and get some new furniture. Even if you don’t do anything super modern, it’s a good idea to keep your premises looking good.

Improving your business premises can offer a multitude of benefits for your business. Find ways to make improvements for your company if you want to secure the advantages.