Reducing the impact of interior renovation at your business premises

So the time has come to give your business’s decor an update. While you could put it off for another few months, the space is starting to become a little drab and messy, which does not create the vibe that you want your business to have.

It’s not that you aren’t keen to have your business premises decorated, it’s just that you are concerned about the impact that it will have on your employees and their work. The last thing that you want is your business’s renovation to have an impact on projects that are currently being worked on, leading to longer time frames and unhappy customers. However, you can’t put the work off anymore, which means that you need to find a way around the problem.

Below are some simple tips for reducing the impact of interior renovation at your business premises.

Focus on one area at a time

Do not make the mistake of hiring contractors to work on the entire premises at once. Instead, ask them to focus on one area at a time, and move the people who would normally work there to a different area of the business. Or, if that is not an option, allow them to work from home – that way they are still able to complete their work and the renovation work is also able to be completed. It might mean having team members working in different ways to normal for a few days, but at least that way the work gets completed, and your business premises gets updated.

Have the work done out of office hours

If possible, look for a contractor service, like Ecopainting, which offers a specialist commercial service, in that way you can inquire whether they could work outside of office hours. For instance, there are some painting and decorating services that complete their work in the mornings, evening, or on weekends. When it comes to having your business premises decorated, this can be an option that is worth considering, especially if it will minimise the impact of the work on you and your team members.

Use the time wisely

Should there be no way to avoid closing your business premises for a set period of time, don’t just waste that time? Instead, use it wisely. Perhaps you could use the week that your premises is out of action for to take your team members on a company team building retreat? Or, is there some training that you want your team members to do? Perhaps you could ask them to work on training exercises from home, or you could all head to a training facility together for a residential training experience. Don’t waste the time that you have, use it wisely to help forward your business’s success.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about reducing the impact of renovation at your business premise. Take note of the advice above, and you can ensure that the impact of having your business renovated is a minimal one.