Feeling trapped? Seven ways to escape the rat race

It’s so easy to get stuck. In some ways, the more successful you are, the more trapped you feel.

Like a rat on a wheel; We go to school, work hard to get into a good college, study even harder to get a fantastic graduate job.

We spend years struggling for money and working nonstop to prove ourselves. Then, the promotions come, and money comes with them, but you’ve got no kind of life and no time to live one. If you’ve got a family, you rarely see them.

If you haven’t, you’ve got no chance of ever meeting anyone to settle down with unless they drop into your office. You can’t remember the last time you went out with your friends or just sat and watch the world go by. Somehow, you’ve been sucked into the rat race. But, you’ve had enough.

Success isn’t bringing happiness; it’s just bringing stress and yet more work. It’s time to make a change. But how? There’s a weight of expectation on your shoulders and you’ve got no idea of how to break free. Well, let’s take a look!

Change your work week

Do you work 9-5 Monday to Friday but find you actually leave the office much later and arrive much earlier? Are you spending most of your time awake at work? If so, you’ll never get a chance to live. Make some changes. Stick to a normal work routine, go home early when you can. Spend some time doing other things. Commit to working less.

Save some cash

If you want to truly escape and try something new, you might need to save a bit of money, or at least build up an emergency fund. Do you find that even though you earn a lot more than you did five years ago, you’ve got the same amount of money? The more we’ve got, the more we spend, leaving us with the same left over. Start saving as much as you can to prepare for your escape.

Enjoy the great outdoors

If you get up and commute to work, work all day, commute home and go to bed after checking your emails and social media feeds, you probably don’t get much chance to enjoy being outside. But, spending time outdoors with nature can be a wonderful way of putting your issues and stresses into perspective.

Help others get out

If you’ve decided you want to get out of the rat race, you’ll probably find that a lot of people that work for you do too. Make their lives easier by reducing pressures at work, giving them more time off and offering more flexibility.

Get out of the city

Living in the city, you can feel like you are constantly surrounded by the rat race. Even your commutes to work are busy and stressful, and everyone is rushing all of the time. But, what’s
keeping you there? Now so much business is done online, you could easily escape the city.


If it’s all getting too much and you’ve lost the enjoyment of life, quit. There’s no rule that says you must stick with the same job or industry forever. Get out. Become a trucker or something else totally different. Just make sure you do a little research with Babcock Partners accident, and you don’t rush into a new job with no idea what you are doing.

Just remember, you’re never trapped. Save the money that you need to make the changes you want. You work to live; you don’t live to work. So, start living.

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