Standing on the shoulders of giants: Self-employment success

Being a one-man band can sound like the perfect solution when you are stuck in a dead-end job that you hate. However being self-employed can be tough to negotiate at times, especially if you have no previous experience of the many aspects it entails. Luckily, you can stand on the shoulder of giants and learn from the previous mistakes of others that have been in a similar position. Read on to find out more.


One mistake that many newly self-employed people make is that they put all of their time and energy into the actual jobs that they get booked in. Unfortunately, this means they completely neglecting to stay on top of the organizational side of things.

This is a recipe for disaster though because keeping things in a decent organizational order is vital to the success of any business. Otherwise, it becomes impossible to find items or documents that you need, pay bills on time, and even return phone calls that may lead to new business.

That means it’s well worth investing in a few filing boxes and dedicating 30 minutes a week to actually put stuff into them, for the long-term suitability of your business.


Another common problem that many self-employed folks come across is the issue of accounting. After all, not all of us are blessed with a mathematical brain, and that means completing your business’s accounts correctly and on time can be something of a challenge.

Although, rather than sitting for hours on end in your office with piles of recipes and a calculator, why not try some of the new small business finance software that is available instead?

This can help because it allows you to link your bank accounts and tag business purchases and payments, instantly working out your incomings and outgoings. Something that means staying in the black and paying your taxes a lot simpler.

Keeping your word

It can also help to take a leaf out of some of the most successful sole trader’s book’s and make sure that your word is your bond. In other words, if you say that you will do a job, do it. If you say that you will be on site at 10 a.m., be there and so on.

You can’t let things like vehicle breakdown get in the way of keeping your word. Picture source

Yes, you may have to hire a truck from places like Flex Fleet Rental if yours breaks down, or take a reduced profit if the costs of material have increased and you have already given your quote. However, by keeping to your word you will be doing yourself a favour in the long run because it will ensure you get great feedback and a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable. Something that in turn should allow you to establish a steady stream of customers for your company.


Last of all, but certainly not least, those that have come before us in the world of self-employment all testify to the importance of actually telling people about the service that you are offering through marketing.

You can choose to do this in a number of ways, including magnetic signage on your truck, flyers, and online advertising. Just don’t forget that this is as important as all the other elements when you are self-employed because it is this that helps to drum up customers in the first place.

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