Cryptocurrency’s potential as reward option analyzed in Balehu

The results of a survey of 1,100 North American consumers by Balehu suggests cryptocurrency has potential as a reward mechanism.

  • 68 per cent are interested in receiving cryptocurrency as part of a promotion, sweepstakes or loyalty program
  • 57 per cent could be persuaded to choose one store over another if cryptocurrency rewards were being offered
  • 42 per cent would leave an online review in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards
  • 40 per cent would leave their home to attend an event in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards
  • 48 per cent would be willing to like, share, or repost on social media to earn cryptocurrency rewards
  • 25 per cent “hands down yes” see value in accepting cryptocurrency, with an addition 12 per cent saying only for small businesses and 13 per cent saying only for large ones
  • 26 per cent said there was no value in receiving cryptocurrency payments while 23 per cent saw future value

Mike Berson, Founder and CEO of Balehu

Those numbers could go up, based on a large number of people who do not know what blockchain is. For every person who has an expert understanding of blockchain, there are 18 people who have never even heard of it

  • 71 per cent do not have an understanding of what blockchain is
  • 44 per cent want to learn more about cryptocurrencies

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