TELUS International builds custom, customer service solutions

A solution that began as one company’s successful attempt to build its own customer service operation has grown into one which helps other companies with their own unique challenges.

That solution is TELUS International, a global provider of customer service and contact centre outsourcing solutions serving fin-tech brands and growth companies.

Global VP of customer experience innovation Kevin Bottoms said TELUS International works with different-sized companies in many fields, including fin-techs.

Successful startups find they must continuously address scalability and innovation, including in customer service, while more established companies branching out into new sectors or engaging in process digitization have similar issues.

Kevin Bottoms

With enough challenges to address these companies usually do not want to add call centres to the list, so they look to TELUS International for support. Perhaps the company can see increased efficiency through process automation or by taking a closer look at the latest technology and not just blindly following the crowd.

Millennials’ growing influence needs to be carefully addressed as part of any strong customer service approach, Mr. Bottoms explained. That cohort is showing less loyalty to financial institutions than previous generations, and those institutions must ask themselves why.

“The question is where is their loyalty rooted and why,” Mr. Bottoms said.

More established brands can be slow to react to marketplace changes, including the embrace of mobile technology and a responsive omnichannel experience. Top brands across different sectors have established a high bar of experience personalization and detailed data interpretation to create that sense of better understanding a client’s needs. Anything else falls short.

Artificial intelligence and bots have their place in call centres but don’t expect the human’s role to significantly decline, Mr. Bottoms said. Look to technology to handle the more repetitive functions, leaving humans to serve higher value functions.

When developing a comprehensive and consistent omnichannel experience one must peel back the operation to see what factors are enabling the journey, Mr. Bottoms said, while adding very few platforms can successfully manage that journey through completion without painful and costly adjustments along the way. Likening it to cars, Mr, Bottoms said the process can be like buying a sedan and deciding after driving it off the lot you want a convertible instead. Being a do-it-yourselfer you try the fix on your own…

The marketplace is forever changing and to be a successful partner TELUS International must maintain the ability to stay ahead of the trends, Mr. Bottoms said. Develop the right technology and attend industry events.

Most importantly it means regular engagement with customers, including some frank discussions, Mr. Bottoms said.

“It’s looking beyond the immediate need and on to the journey of optimizing transactions. But if you’re missing the opportunity to have a discussion on how what is broken can be made better, it’s not enough.

“If all you are worried about are outcomes and margins and are not seeking to understand where the customer is going…”