Chainges seeks to be ultimate blockchain event


When your goal is to deliver a top conference on distributed ledger technology, it only makes sense to also distribute the opportunities to choose speakers and topics.

That is precisely how the organizers are delivering Chainges Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference, founder Matthias Sektas said. Scheduled for May 4-5 at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam, Chainges is going provide two days of informative sessions and plenty of casual networking opportunities.

“We are creating the ultimate conference on blockchain,” Mr. Sektas said.

Having attended many conferences around the world, Mr. Sektas said most deliver some interesting content, but they also included sessions that did not interest him at all. Yet you take a topic like the blockchain that, while still in its infancy, has captured global attention and there should be no shortage of topics to capture people’s attention.

So Chainges is asking the people what those topics are.

“We’re turning the process upside down and have started to ask people what they want to see,” Mr. Sektas explained.

Visit the Chainges website to answer a few questions about your background and interests. The process takes less than five minutes. At the end provide your email address and you’ll receive a token good for 30 per cent off your conference registration price.

“More than 1,000 people have completed surveys and it has only been live for one week,” Mr. Sektas said.

After completing his studies in Warsaw, Mr. Sektas began investing in cryptocurrencies. Intrigued by the underlying technology, he started investigating it and learning everything he could at conferences and meet-ups where he met other people with the same passion and belief that the blockchain and cryptocurrencies could change the world.

Nothing has happened to “chainge” that belief either. Consider the size of the meetup communities in each of the following countries:

  • Norway 2,300 (11 meetups)
  • Ireland 4,100 (17)
  • The Czech Republic 1,800 (8)
  • Poland 4,200 (17)
  • Nigeria 2,200 (11)
  • New Zealand 1,200 (9)
  • Malaysia 2,500 (17)
  • Mexico 2,200 (23)

There’s a clear desire for more information and networking opportunities, and the more people that can from more places, the richer the experience will be for everyone.

“The tickets are very inexpensive,” Mr. Sektas said. “Compared to other conferences that charge €1,800, we are charging €200.

“We recognize flights and hotels are a big expense, and we want to include as many people who are interested in blockchain as possible.”

Attendees will see two streams, with one focused on the technology and the other concentrating on different use cases in the economy and how to properly build an ICO. Look for startup pitch competitions, read product business plans, dinners, and plenty of opportunities to discuss the day’s events with a new contact over a pint.

Chainges is taking place in the ideal location in the heart of Amsterdam, Mr.Sektas said. Near an old shipyard on the bay, it provides the perfect spot to celebrate with thousands of revellers marking Liberation Day May 5.

“There will be lots of parades and lots of parties in the city,” Mr. Sektas said.

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