Key Capital announces hybrid blockchain security solution

Key Capital Corporation (OTC PINK: KCPC) today announced its fin-tech division has entered into a licensing and development agreement with Crypto Investor, Inc. to develop and integrate a hybrid blockchain/one-time pad/trusted systems solution with an existing breakthrough transactional security product also licensed by Crypto Investor, Inc.

The initial target market is every cryptocurrency account holder and trader. Protecting cryptocurrency accounts has become increasingly critical as private keys continue to be stolen by hackers creating significant losses.

The very nature of the distributed and anonymous blockchain architecture makes finding the perpetrators in most cases virtually impossible and, unlike the hacking of a bank account, there is no way to receive restitution for stolen coins.

The Key Capital Fintech Division is to develop an enhanced authentication solution incorporating blockchain, one-time pad (OTP), and trusted systems architectures on top of an existing SaaS solution that will be launched by Crypto Investor in December 2017.

CEO Christopher Nichols

The existing SaaS solution introduces new levels of transactional protection that renders private cryptocurrency keys invisible to hackers by allowing users to operate in a secure, trusted environment.

The companies say the solution, available in December, makes private keys unhackable and the enhancements will ultimately protect the identity of the user, the transaction, and the underlying system.

Crypto Investor has advised Key Capital that the initial transactional security application to protect Private Keys will be launched through a unique Pre-ICO offer within the next 14 days.

The breakthrough SaaS solution offers immediate protection of cryptocurrency transactions and particularly private keys. Following development under an agreement with Crypto Investor, Key Capital will progressively provide enhanced security layers that will be available to all purchasers of the early release SaaS security solution as free upgrades as they are made available.

“Considering the continued and growing reports of hacking of cryptocurrency transactions it is clearly evident the absolute protection of cryptocurrency private keys is paramount to prevent loss of wealth,” Key Capital.

“With over 20 million wallet accounts today and new accounts being created at an exponential rate, Key Capital’s opportunity to develop enhanced security solutions on top of a market-ready security product for Private Keys protection is timely. It also positions the company for participation with Crypto Investor as a potential market leader in the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency market.”