Playoffs attract $1M, a platform for training the world’s most promising blockchain startups, has announced the successful conclusion of its live crowdsale event, Playoffs.

Six blockchain startups participated in 30-hour “live” crowdsales held in Ljubljana, Slovenia in front of more than 300 Priority Pass™ members and supporters. A combined total of nearly $1 million USD was contributed to the projects by community members.

David Prais

“ Playoffs represents the epitome of what stands for,” Seed head David Prais said. “We are a community-driven company that provides validation and support to blockchain startups and this event was the perfect opportunity to showcase the value and worth our community has to offer. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in the Playoffs.”

The teams who appeared at Playoffs were Datafund, an individual privacy platform; ENTX, a platform that provides fair market valuations of digital assets; Aversafe, a credential validation platform; Legacy, a ‘smart will’ and digital time capsule platform; Media Sifter, a news aggregator platform; and UNICO, a digital scarcity platform.

Datafund, UNICO, and ENTX successfully reached their soft cap during the event. Datafund also hit its hard cap, raising 594 ETH in seed funding.

In addition to the crowdsales, the event featured presentations by Musiconomi and Digital Assets Power Play, projects that have successfully launched and completed crowdsales through earlier in the year.

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