AdHive partners with WINGS DAO in promotional effort

AdHive, a blockchain-based native advertising platform that helps businesses scale their influencer marketing with AI and community approach, is partnering with WINGS – a leading ICO project governance and backing platform with incentivized forecasting.

WINGS is a blockchain platform that supports a community dedicated to the launching, backing and promoting the new crypto projects through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model. AdHive will be placed on WINGS platform along with the other high-value proposals that have higher chances of positive financial returns. Stas Oskin, BizDev at WINGS, will also join AdHive’s highly authoritative advisory board as a blockchain advisor.

Stas Oskin

“At WINGS, we aim to focus the backers’ attention on proposals with the highest potential,” Mr. Oskin said. “AdHive, which combines AI algorithm with a community-based approach to increase the quality of native ad campaigns as well as creates a transparent blockchain-based system for transactions between brands and influencers, is definitely an interesting proposal for our community.”

“We are proud to collaborate with WINGS and are grateful for a chance to demonstrate AdHive’s advantages for brands, bloggers and potential token holders,” Ad Hive co-founder Dmitry Malyanov said. “WINGS platform and advisory support will allow us to take our community and investor relations to the next level. In order to maximize the value of our proposal, a part of ADH tokens will be transferred to WINGS and their community.”

ADH token presale is scheduled to run Jan. 10-27. The token will benefit both the advertisers and influencer. The former will appreciate transparency and accountability of smart contracts, and hassle-free international campaigns while the latter will enjoy clear, reliable monetization models and near-instant transactions.