releases Testnet, a developer of blockchain software solutions, today released the  EOS.IO Single-Threaded Application Testnet (EOS STAT). EOS STAT will be a publicly available testing environment for the EOS.IO blockchain software created and maintained for the developer community.

The release timing places the EOS.IO development ahead of schedule, allowing the internal team to work hand-in-hand with the developer community and ensure EOS.IO is released successfully in 2018.

The EOS STAT release allows developers to evaluate, build, and test decentralized applications (DApps) in a public environment, and for potential block producers to evaluate EOS.IO. It simulates the EOS.IO software scheduled to be available next year, with 21 block-producing nodes, one-second block time, a stable developer API, wallets to set up and maintain accounts that use the API, contract security and authorization.

Daniel Larimer, CTO

“We are continually working to improve EOS.IO features and performance and are excited to release this testnet for feedback and collaboration with the developer community,” said Daniel Larimer, CTO of “Even on the single-threaded testnet, EOS.IO is now capable of over a thousand of transactions per second (TPS), making it one of the fastest smart contract environments available.”

The EOS.IO Multi-Threaded Application Testnet (MAT) will be released next and will include refactoring and inter-blockchain communication. Progress can be viewed on GitHub. For more information on the EOS.IO software, please visit