Climb Credit launches loan product

Climb Credit, a student lending company increasing access to education for the new economy, today announced the launch of a loan product that allows higher education schools to provide a financing option to all students – regardless of their FICO scores.

The Climb Full Stack product has been offered in a pilot by American College of Education (ACE) and 14 other schools over the last seven months. Today, the product is open to any school that meets Climb Credit’s education ROI criteria, including graduation and job placement rates, among other specifications. It will expand access to affordable financing options for students attending these schools.

ACE, who focuses on delivering quality and affordability to educators seeking graduate degrees, was the first school to embrace the Climb Full Stack product. Branded as the Achieve Loan by ACE, the loan provides students with another option to finance their education beginning with the January 2018 term. ACE is broadening the menu of loan options so that every ACE student can have the option to pay for their program over a period of 3 years. Earning an ACE master’s degree with this new option will cost less than $300 per month.

The Climb Full Stack loan product allows schools to offer a financing option to every student based on a risk-sharing model in which schools take the first risk on the loan by accepting a scaled tuition advance from Climb. Schools can tailor the Climb Full Stack to meet their needs on the accessibility and the affordability of financing to their students.

Zander Rafael

“The goal of the Climb Full Stack loan product is to not only expand access to education financing for students who may not otherwise qualify but also to align the incentives for schools to the best interest of students,” said Zander Rafael, CEO, Climb Credit.

“By requiring schools to take the first risk, our school partners are incentivized to help students achieve positive outcomes, pay back their loans and, ultimately, justify the investment in the education.”

“ACE offers Climb Credit loan options because we are equally committed to the success of our students,” said Dan Holestine, COO, ACE. “By expanding the loan offerings, every ACE student has the option to pay just $300 per month for their master’s degree. We’re committed to helping students advance their education, and we believe this new option will further that success. With costs for traditional graduate programs on the rise, this affordable offering can relieve some of the stress that comes from paying for a degree.”

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