BnkToTheFuture launches tokenized secondary market, due diligence platform

Global fin-tech investment company BnkToTheFuture today announced their tokenized secondary market and due diligence platform for private equity-backed securities.

It is an online investment platform with 45,000 accredited investors and over $200m invested in FinTech, Bitcoin and Blockchain deals since 2011, BnkToTheFuture will incorporate blockchain technology to allow for the trading of equity-backed tokens and issue its own token (BFT) to support deal flow analysis, due diligence and investor relations on the platform. BnkToTheFuture will launch a public token sale in February 2018.

In today’s global Initial Coin Offering (ICO) burgeoning landscape, investors are increasingly seeking a more transparent marketplace that allows flexibility in trading existing investments and gaining early access to new deals, all while maintaining many of the protections provided by traditional equity investments. This is exceptionally difficult because regulatory jurisdictions vary state by state and country by country. Acknowledging this gap in service, BnkToTheFuture intends to offer real-time access, pricing, liquidity, and a transparent marketplace for trading private securities inclusive of equities.

BnkToTheFuture’s BFT token grants existing users access to the platform’s multi-tiered membership for qualifying investors to access priority deals and also acts as a reward to other BFT token holders who conduct, on behalf of the platform and community, due diligence on prospective deals, such as sourcing prospects or managing investor relations by giving status updates on a listed company’s progress.

“Investors want a trustworthy trading platform that gives first-mover access to new investments while complying with regulatory requirements,” said Simon Dixon, CEO of BnkToTheFuture.

“We have engineered the BnkToTheFuture platform to provide this, along with the added benefits of employing the latest technology and incentives for participants to make updates about investments, so investors can track both the performance of their portfolios as well as other equity-backed tokens they consider to be prospective investments..”