Decentralized governance platform Aragon unveils grants program

Aragon, the governance platform for decentralized organizations, has announced a grants program for its community called Aragon Nest.

Through monetary support, direct counsel from the Aragon team, and community oversight, Aragon Nest will support and enable developers that want to build supporting infrastructure for Aragon and Ethereum.

Luis Cuende

“At Aragon, our aim is to make decentralized organizations happen,” co-founder and project lead Luis Cuende said. “To achieve this vision, we have built an easy-to-use way for organizations to operate on the Ethereum blockchain. Building this vision, however, requires support from the whole ecosystem. We know there are some very talented people in our community and we want to support them in this endeavour through the ‘Aragon Nest’ grants program.”

Aragon will work together with Placeholder Capital, a venture capital firm specializing in crypto-assets, to introduce the Aragon Nest over the coming months. The program’s long-term goal is to support the community’s efforts around some of the most important challenges facing Aragon and Ethereum. Investing capital in building protocols or apps through this unique initiative fits Aragon’s strategic goals and showcases its dedication to the broader Ethereum community.

Placeholder was founded by Joel Monegro and Chris Burniske in August 2017. Both have years of experience evaluating crypto projects, and going forward will serve as advisors and companions in the crafting and orchestration of Aragon Nest program.

Submissions to Aragon Nest will be evaluated by an internal team comprised of representatives from both Aragon and Placeholder. All submissions will be focused on solving problems identified by the ‘Aragon Nest’ team along with the community. The review process thereafter will be completely transparent and community-led.

Aragon has the capital required to fund the development of its core protocol, and is using this grants program to extend the functionality of both Aragon and Ethereum. The program is seen as an essential component of the overall Aragon project, and as such, capital has been allocated from the Aragon Foundation to ensure it becomes a success.

All code created within the grants program be published and licensed as open source. Any intellectual property created by participants in the course of the program will be owned by those participants.

“We are very thankful for all the support we have received and we want to give back to the community by funding the development of core pieces of infrastructure, developer tools and accessible products needed for the success of the Aragon and the overall Web3.0 vision,” co-founder and tech lead Jorge Izquierdo said. “We are still in the early days and a lot has to be built in order to empower all the users of these technologies.”