The magic ingredients of a commercial real estate strategy

So, you want to invest in commercial real estate? Well, you’re in excellent company. There are plenty of folks out there who have been able to retire on the money they have earned on renting out offices and workspaces to businesses and organizations. But equally, there have plenty that has failed. To ensure you find yourself closer to the former camp than the latter, you need to spend a significant time coming up with a solid strategy. Here are some of the major issues you will need to consider.

Location is everything

As recommended at, make sure your strategy includes a thorough breakdown of the area you intend to buy in. What sort of businesses plies their trade there? Is the area up and coming, with extensive renovations on the cards? Will the rental prices in the local area give you enough profit to make it worth your while? These are all the kinds of questions that need answering before you even decide on the location, let alone buy an office block.

Design with safety in mind

You can create a fantastic workspace for a multitude of businesses for several decades, but it only takes one design fault for things to go drastically wrong. And that’s going to fall on you, in many cases, so be sure to focus on safety when it comes to designing stairwells, office features, and dangerous areas. A quick glance over at reveals that protection doesn’t have to look unattractive, however, so spend some time working out the best possible materials for keeping the building accident-free and up to code.

Focus on relationships

Managing a commercial real estate project is a little different to being a private landlord. In the commercial world, it’s a lot about who you know and how you treat them that counts. Don’t forget, you are building mutually beneficial relationships with each other – the tenant looks after your building while you give them a platform for their success. When it comes to marketing your business, therefore, it’s actually a lot to do with you – rather than being a faceless company. You’ll need to work hard to get your name out there, and meet people face-to-face in the early days – not just rely on offering details in a listings service.

Reflect market demand

Finally, don’t buy up a huge building if you can’t guarantee you will fill it. Buying too much space is a common issue for first-time commercial real estate investors, who often think it is best to max out their loan offer rather than make a sensible decision. Ultimately, the larger the building, the smaller pool of clients you can expect to attract. The vast majority of companies in this country are small or medium-size, and they just won’t be interested in filling up a small corner of a room – and paying extortionate, corporate rates for the pleasure. You also have to bear in mind that those big corporations are already likely to have their real estate contacts – and are happy with them. Again, it all goes back to the relationship building you need to do, and when you are just getting started, you need to play it sensibly and keep things small.

There’s a lot to deal with when it comes to investing in real estate. But keeping these ideas in mind when you first start forming a strategy will do you a good service – good luck.