Charles Manning

Kochava launches partnership program

Kochava, a digital advertising attribution and marketing analytics platform, has launched OnXCHNG, the partnership program for the industry’s open source blockchain framework for the digital advertising ecosystem, XCHNG.

To kick off the program, Kochava announced 10 co-founding OnXCHNG Partners who will be actively taking part in the project: AerServe, AppLift, Appodeal, Chartboost, DCMN, Digital Turbine, Kiip, PubNative, Parrable, and Priori Data.

OnXCHNG Partners will have early access to the XCHNG codebase and architecture and get the opportunity to be involved in the roadmap direction for XCHNG and be the first to bring their inventory to XCHNG or provide services to the XCHNG ecosystem.

Announced in October, the XCHNG blockchain-based system of record offers a digitized and tokenized insertion order (IO, or a contract to buy advertisements) with the supporting immutable infrastructure to make the entire transaction process between buyers and sellers more efficient and transparent. Token incentives will be provided to all OnXCHNG Partners for participating in and contributing to this platform.

Charles Manning

“The digital advertising industry is ready for a better way forward, as evidenced by the strong response we’ve had to our invitation to involvement in this open blockchain project,” CEO Charles Manning said.

“Buyers and sellers of media including AppLift, Appodeal, Chartboost, DCMN, Kiip, and PubNative, are respected industry-leading companies who are the first of many to join forces with Kochava as early OnXCHNG Partners.”

In addition to buyers and sellers of media, XCHNG has been architected to integrate four first-party actor types who support the lifecycle of the IO. These include measurement, ratings, payments and data enrichment providers. The OnXCHNG program will allow these advertising ecosystem vendors to build tools and capabilities that support seamless and transparent ad buying transactions.

The XCHNG system also delivers a built-in framework for payment via the XCHNG Token (XT). XCHNG Tokens will be used to buy and sell media or pay for services surrounding media transactions. Because cryptocurrencies like XT are relatively new and brands or agencies need to do business via fiat currency, XCHNG has been built to enable market-driven payment providers who can facilitate escrow, fiat conversion, or payment depending on the needs of the participants in an IO.

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