Seven emergency sources of money that you’ve probably forgotten

We’ve probably all been in a situation where our emergency fund just wasn’t enough to cover a recent expense that was the result of an unfortunate problem.

For instance, maybe the medical bills for a recent accident you were involved in cost a lot of money. Perhaps you had to break into your savings account to pay your rent this month. Or maybe you just had a bad streak of money management that led you to spend more of your salary than you were hoping to.

It’s important to make smart financial decisions in the present so that we can prepare for the future. However, doing so isn’t exactly a piece of cake. There will always be a time where even the most planning we could do wasn’t enough to help us overcome our financial challenges. So in order to help you out, we’ve put together five emergency sources of money that you’ve probably neglected or completely forgotten about. After all, who doesn’t love a little surprise in their bank balance?

1. Personal belongings

If you have some personal belongings that are worth some money, then why not visit a local pawn shop to see how much you could get for it? You could always claim it back if you were able to make some money. It’s one of the fastest ways to get cash for your belongings, but you might find a better deal auctioning your belongings on eBay.

2. Unclaimed insurance

Do you remember being in a car accident that cost you a lot in repairs? Remember that you can easily claim insurance for car accidents and personal injuries–you just need to remember to actually do it. It can be a long process claiming insurance, so be prepared for the waiting around.

3. Old invoices

If you work as a freelancer then never let a single invoice slip past you. Make sure you chase down invoices to show your clients that you mean business. It may help to chase down invoices by using some cloud accounting software.

4. Hidden cash

A stack of cash hidden under your mattress? Secret sock somewhere with some emergency funds? We all hide cash at some point, so try and remember if you did it at some point.

5. Lost gift cards

If that gift card your relative gave you a year ago is still valid, then it could probably be sold for a slightly cheaper price on an auction site or to a friend. Alternatively, you could always purchase an item for someone from a store and ask for cash in return.

6. Owed money

Do your friends or family members owe you money? Talking about money isn’t the most pleasant subject, but don’t let anyone take your money and never return it.

7. Valid receipts

If you’ve recently bought something that you didn’t like, then it might still be possible to return it if you have a valid receipt or invoice. This could give you a decent chunk of cash if you’re lucky enough to have bought something expensive recently.