Cryptocurrency social media reach analyzed in Moria report

An interesting new report from Moria analyzes social media posts to identify what cryptocurrency topics are capturing the interest of readers. The report looked at data taken from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora and Pinterest between mid-November and mid-December of 2017.

The more popular the cryptocurrency, the more it is written about. Bitcoin investing produced 2,731 total articles and 182,230 total shares (67 average), while Ethereum investing generated 205 articles and 6,869 total shares (34 average). Ripple and Litecoin combined for a total of 101 articles that were shared an average of eight times each.

Investors have a hunger to learn more about Bitcoin. The average Bitcoin investment article was shared 23 times as often as one on mutual funds and seven times as frequently as one on real estate. Stock investing had 43 per cent more articles written about it, yet Bitcoin had five times as many shares.

The growing number of posts on Q&A platforms about Litecoin suggest it is emerging as an option for the most studious. People asked 4.5 times as many questions about Litecoin compared to Ethereum and 2.5 times as many as Bitcoin.

Moria is a decentralized platform for precious metals extraction. Moria Tokens represent ownership of royalties to the Bates-Hunter Gold mine.

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