Serafin Lion Engel

Datawallet, Indorse, Steemit let users profit from their personal data

Datawallet, a C2B blockchain-based data exchange, today announced partnerships with blockchain-based social network Steemit and decentralized professional network Indorse. The new Datawallet app, available now for download on iOS and Android, allows users to curate an advanced data profile from social media, online commerce, and offline transactions and opt-in to share their data with companies for profit.  The integration of Steemit and Indorse into the Datawallet app will provide the opportunity to further reward users, and give them another monetization stream for the data created on each respective platform.

Serafin Lion Engel

“With the recent re-launch of Datawallet as a blockchain-based app, we are further aligning ourselves with what’s more beneficial to consumers-transparency, trust, and giving back data ownership,” Datawallet CEO Serafin Lion Engel said. “Steemit and Indorse have been pioneering platforms in the industry, built on the common mission of decentralizing social media and fairly incentivizing users for their engagement, making them a natural fit to be a part of Datawallet. It’s a powerful next step to offer their already active and engaged userbases another avenue to earn crypto, by giving Steemit and Indorse users the ability to participate in the networks they love, and then take that data they’re creating and turn it around for profit on Datawallet.”

Datawallet is working with Indorse and Steemit to further reward its users, by equitably compensating them for the data that they choose to provide.

“The social media monetization model is broken, both in terms of how platform users are rewarded, and how their data is owned and distributed,” Steemit CEO Ned Scott said. “Steemit is currently working to resolve part one of that equation and Datawallet are tackling the second. This partnership is a great stepping stone in the long-term vision of Steemit to build a living, breathing, and growing social economy.”

“The quality of the data created on Indorse is unrivaled, making it a perfect fit for us to partner with Datawallet,” Indorse CTO Gaurang Torvekar said. “Our first-rate data comes as a result of our process of information-validation through peers. Indorse uses internal rewards and a reputation system to incentivize members to add their skills and accomplishments, and indorse those of others. We love the idea of being able to give our users a further method of earning, through the provision of their data with Datawallet.”

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