Pete Wassell

Augmate/Maximilian Ventures deal to promote LatAm blockchain adoption

Augmate today announced a partnership with Maximilian Ventures to promote blockchain and distributed ledger technology development in Mexico and throughout Latin America. The partnership will focus on investment, infrastructure, and job creation to develop Latin America as a global leader in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

The partners will start by creating a task force to build an infrastructure in Mexico supporting distributed ledger solutions, beginning with the Augmate Connect platform for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The unprecedented rise of blockchain development has led to a global shortage of talent, and this effort will bring together schools, businesses, and investors in Mexico to lay the groundwork for expanding hubs of qualified workers and thought leaders. The partners plan to facilitate opportunities for a new technologically-savvy workforce to flourish throughout the Americas.

Pete Wassell

“We are excited to be working with Max and his team to help drive his vision for improving prosperity through technology in Mexico and beyond,” said Pete Wassell, CEO of Augmate. “Augmate has a global workforce, and recognizes the impact that technology advances bring to local, national and international collaboration.”

“Augmate is a leader in new wearable technology solutions and the first to bring a holistic approach to device management using blockchain and DLT for all IoT devices,” said Maximiliano Fernandez. “By partnering, we can help them grow while benefiting Mexico with new ways for our people to participate in a global technology revolution.”

Leading the effort will be Augmate COO Dana Farbo and Dave Martinez, founder of Martinez Ventures and a partner at Maximilian Ventures. Mr. Martinez and Mr. Fernandez will also join Augmate as advisors, focusing on coordination between Silicon Valley, New York City, and Mexico.

Augmate was originally founded in 2014 in New York City as a B2B enterprise company specializing in wearable devices, and was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2017. Investors include William Hickey, UPS Ventures, Simon Property Group, Tim Draper, Siemens Venture Capital, and Rothenberg Ventures.

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