uKit ICO: Increasing conversion with AI

While investing funds into ICO has already become a common practice for millions of business owners across the globe, lots of trusted companies start integrating tokens into their business propositions.

One of such companies is uKit Group, which is known for the development of one of the easiest and the most efficient business website builders available in the contemporary web building niche — uKit. The company has been in the business for over 12 years and they keep working on their product advancement, integrating and presenting new features and updates.

One of the current innovations the company focuses on is the development of the AI solution that will allow users to design stylish and unique websites in the automatic mode. This will be done by means of buying user socio-demographic and behavioural data from large and trusted providers and using the info available on the web. The result will be implemented to develop personalized website layouts, which will eventually drive traffic and boost website conversions.

What are the uKit plans?

The release of the innovative uKit AI tool is planned in 2019. Obviously, more funds are required to enhance the tool and make its integration as smooth and effective as possible. To make this happen, uKit has initiated the sale of UKT tokens. All in all, the company plans to issue 100,000 UKT, 55,000 of which will be meant for sale. The rest of the tokens are going to be kept in the reserve fund of the company to be further used as a reward for users who will test the AI tool by sharing their behavioural data of their own websites.

UKT tokens

The tokens can be applied to take advantage of the website builder’s services for the unlimited period of time. UKTs can also be sold and rented out to anyone who wants to use uKit and uLanding for personal or business web building needs. The funds raised by the company will be invested to enhance the uKit artificial intelligence system, create the uData storage, run marketing campaigns and develop the analysis system etc.

What’s more, UKT tokens will be used to pay for the landing pages created with uKit AI. This will be very convenient for all the system users who have purchased or received the tokens. The number of tokens you’ll need to pay for each change will be determined by the company in the near future.

Another benefit that token owners will avail is an opportunity to receive a part of the system conversions (0.001%) instead of the standard number of landing page impressions. The more data is processed by the system and the quicker the platform develops, the bigger benefit token holders will get. Finally, tokens don’t expire when not in use, which is also a notable advantage for uKit users who plan to keep using the system in the future.