Being the best boss you can be from all angles

Being the best boss is not something that happens accidentally. Running a firm of any significance, or growing a small one to relevance requires a constant upkeep of the mental and physical resources you place in yourself.

In order to shoulder more responsibility, you need to have broader shoulders, and this means refining your competency in any and every way you can. This is not always easy, nor is it apparent how to achieve this.

However, with the right mindset, this achievement can be yours. The following advice should help you completely cover yourself with the competency habits required by all great entrepreneurs if they are to be successful in the least.

Social intelligence

It’s all very well to know the stock market, market fluctuations, the best way to implement your hierarchy and how to budget effectively to achieve your aims. In fact, these things are tremendously vital to the continued success of your firm. However, if this is not coupled with the correct social intelligence applied to your interactions with everyone in your firm, you’ll struggle to truly be respected.

Bosses needn’t be the funniest person in the office or be the most attractive. What they do need to be is fair, respectful, assertive and competent. These four qualities help lubricate any social interaction in a way that respects the time of both parties involved. It also helps lessen that feeling of distaste that employees can easily get when spoken to incorrectly.

Remember, you do hold power in this situation. You pay the salaries of everyone who speaks to you. You have the right to withhold that privilege if being communicated to in an unhelpful or disrespectful way.

But you also should keep in mind that employees, particularly skilled ones, do not always grow on trees. If you hope to retain a solid skillset and attract more competent workers over time, then crafting your social interactions and general business social policies with this intelligence in mind should be as important as managing your budget to an incredibly effective degree.


‘Dress to impress’ is not a term that means little. It determines how you will be spoken to and interacted with on a daily basis. You needn’t wear the latest designer brands, but showing that you care about yourself and how you look simply means grooming and wearing smart, fitting clothes.

Not all bosses have the potential time to sit around debating fashion in high street retail stores, nor do they care for that when they have responsibilities to attend to. This is why services such as Fly Threads can make all the difference.

Services like this offer a selection of custom-made clothes that fit you depending on your requirements. This can help you keep your wardrobe sharp in and out of work.

The best part of dressing well? You begin to respect yourself and your image. You might be a member of the intellectual and physical elite and have opened a business because of that fact, but if you fail to dress as though you respect yourself and your stature, people will have a hard time seeing your surface value from the first impression.

If you hope to attract the best employees, field the best business meetings, or generally feel the most confident in all manners of your daily life pertaining to work, then this is the best way to go.


An open door policy exists so staff feel they can air their grievances if they need to. This shows that you care about nurturing the social values of your firm.

However, keeping an open door policy can also be much more than that. It signifies that you care about making the firm a place where great ideas rise to the top. It’s no use keeping a brilliant and already competent worker at the bottom of the food chain when they have the capacity to net you hundreds of thousands of dollars. With an approachable and communicable hierarchical structure, your firm can benefit from a form of the idea-led meritocracy, which is excellent when at a beginner or intermediate stage and fighting for relevance.

Of course, this should also be weight with the solid discernment of views that should be heard and those that shouldn’t. This is why crafting your HR department in such a way that allows of intelligent communication to take place between employees and your firm, rather than simply enacting and enforcing a list of generalized policies is always a superior way to manage things.

With this in mind, you are sure to become the boss you have always dreamed of being.

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