Sally Outlaw

Worthy Peer Capital receives SEC qualification for money market alternative

Worthy Financial, Inc., a modern personal finance company that delivers alternative investment products and digital savings solutions to a wide-range of retail investors, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Worthy Peer Capital, Inc. has been qualified by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), under Regulation A+, to bring a new liquid peer-debt product to the entire investing ecosystem.

Sally Outlaw

The new Worthy Bond offers all investors – including non-accredited investors – a five per cent fixed return. Although the bonds have a 36-month term, they can be cashed in at any time for those with imminent liquidity needs, thereby serving more as an alternative to traditional money market products. Bonds may be purchased at

With a $10 minimum investment, Worthy Bonds are designed to allow even the smallest investor to access the types of alternative debt products that, prior to the passage of the JOBS Act, were typically only afforded to institutional and wealthier investors.

In addition to offering an attractive fixed return to all classes of investors, the proceeds are being used to provide asset-backed loans to America’s small businesses – the backbone of the American economy.

“At Worthy, we believe that the 98 per cent are worthy of a better investment return. That is why we pride ourselves on employing both reg-tech as well as fin-tech solutions to deploy financial products that ensure a more democratic and effective economic system,” said Sally Outlaw, CEO of Worthy and pioneer of the crowd finance movement.

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