qiibee agreement allows Lattesso to reward customers via the blockchain

qiibee, the blockchain-based loyalty ecosystem, has today announced a formal agreement with Lattesso, producers of chilled coffee and milk drinks, to transform its customer loyalty program. The first major brand to partner with qiibee, Lattesso will use blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to power its loyalty program throughout Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Benelux, and Russia.

Gabriele Giancola

“Customers worldwide are familiar with air mile programs and loyalty points, and although these are an important practice for retailers and brands, customers are limited and restricted in how they can utilize their points and rewards,” qiibee co-founder and CEO Gabriele Giancola said. “Consequently, customers are sitting on countless points, rewards, and bonuses because they aren’t incentivized to spend them.

“qiibee is putting an end to this inefficient, costly, and unsatisfactory practice, and we are now a step closer to meeting our objective of not only offering a platform that meets the needs of the modern customer but also welcoming innovative brands like Lattesso on board before the launch.”

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, qiibee aims to bridge the gap between modern day loyalty systems and the cryptocurrency industry. By integrating blockchain technology, brands will benefit from increased data security, lower management costs, and the elimination of liabilities often associated with traditional loyalty programmes.

qiibee is currently the process of concluding their financing round which saw Scout24 founder Daniel Grossen participate. This comes as qiibee commences work with MindNow, the Swiss-based online marketing agency with an impressive list of clients including Yves Rocher, Chronoswiss, and Pack Easy.

Founded in 2015, qiibee started its journey in the loyalty market by building a multi-branded and multi-activity loyalty program, which brands could use to reward their users for activities such as shopping or creating and engaging with content. The initial prototype, which launched in late 2016, gained traction from more than 900 local, national, and international brands including Subway, Burger King, DeinDeal, and the Swiss Federal Railway.