Five tech gadgets your business needs

No matter what type of business you run, you will always be looking out for ways to make life easier at work.

Running a business isn’t the easiest thing to do, and while you never want to cut corners with the way that you run things, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t find things to make your business life easier.

We all do it – invest in technology to make life easier on ourselves. If someone is out there thinking of a way to make life easier, then you should be jumping onto these products to support you.

We’ve seen portable chargers explode onto the market, so no matter where you are you won’t be caught short with a dead phone.

This one is especially handy when you’ve got a train to catch and a meeting to get to. We’ve seen dumbwaiters by Hin Chong in restaurants for a long time, but offices have started to adopt them and install them in the office so that documents can get from one floor to the other far easier than ever before.

The bottom line is that gadgets make life easy, and it’s because of this that we’ve got some gadgets that you can invest in to make your business life as simple as possible.

Amazon Dot

You may have a fab PA sitting at the desk outside the office you work in, but an Amazon Dot could answer your questions without having to disturb them. It can even switch off your lights at the end of the day and order you a takeout when you’re stuck working late. It’s a gadget every entrepreneur needs.

iClever Trifolding Keyboard

Run with Bluetooth, this nifty little gadget that you can buy here is ideal for use with a tablet. It folds up to be able to fit into your pocket, meaning when you are on the go for a meeting you can take notes easier.

Lifx Smart Bulbs

One of the biggest causes of eye strain at the office is sitting at the desk and staring at a computer screen. Lifx bulbs don’t just change the lighting in the room but they can also change the colour to suit what you need.

Inateck Wireless Presenter

When you’ve stood to make a speech at the morning meeting and you want to look impressive when you swap slides on the projector, this clever gadget can help you to do that! It’s also got a laser attached – handy for confusing the office dog.

Qubic Charging System

When you’re in the office and you want to plug your phone in, you could be faced with the situation where there isn’t enough space on the extension cable. A Qubic charging system works like Lego: pop on an extra charging space as you need it.

Technology has come a long way, and it’s all about making your life far easier to deal with. Invest in the right tech and your business can run far smoother than ever before.

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