How easy is it for your system to get hacked?

Each year, business across the world are hacked. When a large, well-known brand is hacked, it becomes obvious how much damage this can do.

Hacking isn’t just an issue for the brand itself, but also for their customers. The fact is that when a brand gets hacked, and private data leaked, it causes concern from customers who are worried that their private information has been hacked.

What these attacks have taught businesses that for companies of all shapes and sizes, from small startups to huge, international corporations, online security needs to be a priority. The truth is that it is smaller companies that are at the highest risk of hacking, because hackers know that the majority of small businesses don’t prioritise their security, making them an easier target.

A recent study found that the number of bots (automated applications that crawl and scan websites) on smaller companies websites are much higher. Malicious bots probe websites for vulnerabilities, looking for a way to gain access to the site and its data.

Today, all businesses that have a website or use cloud technology are at risk, which is why knowing how to reduce this risk is so crucial. Below are some steps that you can take to do that.

Put adequate antivirus in place

When it comes to protecting your business from hackers, having secure antivirus protection in place is vital. Antivirus software is designed to intercept viruses that could make your system vulnerable to hackers and prevent them from causing damage to your system’s security. Many antivirus systems can also remove any existing pieces of malware from your computer, preventing hackers from finding a ‘backdoor’ entry into your computer.

Learn to protect your data

It is vital that you take the time to learn how to protect your data effectively so that you don’t need to worry about the risk of any private information being leaked. One of the most common ways that information is hacked is during file transfers, that’s why investing in a solution that guarantees secure file transfers is so important. For instance, taking advantage of services like, to ensure that any files you transport are transported securely.

Use two-factor authentication

A common cause of security breaches is stolen credentials. To gain these details, hackers use social engineering, phishing emails, malware, and other means. However, by implementing two-factor authentication, you can put an end to this problem. Along with a password, this system usually uses a code generated by an app or website as well which is sent to your phone number, for you to them enter into the login area. This means that even if a password is compromised, hackers won’t be able to access your private information. Here’s an example of how to enable two-factor authentication for Apple devices:

The fact is that it is a lot easier than you would think to get hacked, which is why it is so important that you take security seriously from the get-go.