Apps to save you cash

Saving cash should always be your number one priority.

There are so many different ways you can do it as well, but apps are the way forward. We’re now in an era where everyone is living on their phones, but they aren’t always using their phones to help them in the best way possible. If you have a phone that was made in the last few years, it’ll definitely have an app store that is built with many different things to save you money inside of it.

We’re here to show you a few of them. If you’ve got your phone at the ready, then check out these neat apps that you need to try.


Let’s start with the ones that are going to save you money when spending. We all love to spend, and boy does internet shopping or apps help us do that.

But have you ever thought about the ones that can help you grab a bargain at the same time? Auctioning through your phone is a revelation waiting to come into your life. It is just like going to an actual auction, but you can do it anytime, anywhere. You’ll be surprised at the number of items on there up for auction that might interest you as well. An app like Dealdash is one of the apps that might be appealing to you now. It is an auction app just waiting to grab you a bargain, and you can download it here

Then there are the comparison ones that let you see where you could get something cheaper. App stores are full of them. Usually, all you need to do is take a photo, or type in a description and it’ll search hundreds of stores trying to find you the best deal. It is quick and easy to do and there are so many free ones on the market.


There are just as many apps out there that will help you track and save your money as there are that will help you spend it.

When life gets a little bit tough, you sometimes need ways sticking to a money plan and only spending what you know you’ve got. This is where the app store will come in handy. There are so many out there that will let you put in all your monthly spendings and how much you’ll have left over. It’s a handy way of having a constant reminder with you saying what you can and can’t spend.

Then you’ve got the ones that can teach you ways of how to reduce your energy bills and other household bills you might have to spend. If you’ve moved out you’ll know this is one of your major monthly spendings, so you’ll need to take all the advice you can get. If you get a smart meter, the apps that come with it allow you to turn off heating, electrics etc even when you’re not at home.

Every little thing like this truly does help when you get older.