Capital ideas: Building your investment capital

Investing is the most reliable way to build wealth, even when it does involve more risk.

Savings simply won’t cut it, whereas a successful career won’t guarantee the same rate of growth that a successful investment portfolio will. But a lot of people are under the impression that investing is a rich person’s game. That’s not necessarily the case, however. Here, we’re going to look at steps that anyone can take to start using their money more intently.

By growing your career

Your job might not be the path to wealth all by itself. However, there’s no denying that it’s the path to some extra income. If money is your goal, then you have to think of your primary income as your initial tool towards reaching that goal.

Start building your skill set inside work, start talking to your boss about promotion chances and opportunities to prove yourself. Try to create multiple streams of income by doing freelance jobs. If you do not know which freelance opportunity is the best for you take the initiative to check out the latest guides on how to make money online, with this you can explore which hidden talents of yours are capable of generating income. Start standing out by being more forthcoming with your time and be willing to sacrifice a little more. You have to turn work into your passion. Even if your career isn’t the most exciting line of work in the world, you will become more interested in it naturally if you spend your time networking, improving your skill set, and striving to beat your current results.

By saving first

Whether you’re on your way up the career ladder or you find yourself without the next rung in your grasp, there is one financial tip that remains pertinent, whether you’re a waiter or a Fortune 500 CEO. You have to live beneath your means. Even if it’s sometimes painful, look for the opportunities to find savings in your budget. has some examples of apps that can even help you do it automatically, so you never cut into your savings by accident. You can give yourself a savings goal of a grand to start investing. You will be surprised how quickly you make it once you actually set the intention of doing it.

By seizing the moment

Sometimes, opportunity strikes, and you get cash handed to you from the heavens. It could be a bonus from work. It could be a tax rebate. It could be your birthday or an influx of cash presents during Christmas. It’s too easy to spend the extra cash you get as soon as you get it. It may, indeed, be worth treating yourself a little with some of it. But learn the lesson that it’s better to delay your gratification. If you’re willing to put it into your investment fund, it could be paying for tens of great Christmases down the line. To make the best use of this tip, then consider getting cash returns on the unwanted gifts you’re less than fond of in future, too.

By starting small

It doesn’t take an awful lot to start investing. You don’t have to be able to buy a house in order to start investing in real estate, for instance. There are real estate crowdfunding services that you get together with other investors, instead. Just as there are peer-to-peer lending platforms that allow you to start lending to borrowers with interest coming back at the end of a loan. There are even automated investment tools that allow you to start your journey on the stock market and Forex market without having to closely follow them. You don’t have to be rich to start investing. As soon as you have that initial savings goal met, get your money out there working for you. Then you use the returns to keep making more investments and more returns.

By using your property

Your own home could be a significant tool in helping you gain the income you need to start investing, too. You can rent out a portion of the property to a tenant, for instance, but the idea of living with a stranger isn’t for everyone. Instead, why not think of joining a website like Airbnb or even offering a room to a college student for a less permanent tenant? If you don’t like the idea of strangers in the home at all, then you can look at sites like for ideas on how to rent out space, whether it’s for storage or whether you’re offering a parking space.

By downsizing

Perhaps you already have more than you need, but it’s simply not in the form of cash. Your assets could be the gateway to the investment capital you need to get started. By switching to a cheap car, not only do you get the profit from the car you sold and the car you bought. You are also likely to have cheaper insurance and fewer costs all around, so long as you bought sensibly. The same goes for downsizing your home with the help of services like A smaller home costs less in tax, it has smaller fuel bills and has lots of other little savings that all add up. The capital you could get from downsizing your home could be enough to get you started on serious investments, not just the small stuff.

By hustling on the side

What if you don’t have the greatest career prospects, you don’t have savings, and you don’t have assets that you could use to your advantage? Then it might be the case that you have an awful lot of free time. Especially if you’re working part-time, you should look into making money online. Whether it’s running a blog with affiliate marketing partners, freelancing as a virtual assistant, completing surveys, or reviewing products and websites, there are a lot of legitimate ways to make money online. Beyond offering a side-hustle, it could offer a better career by breaking open geographical boundaries to help you work for great employers anywhere in the world.

By raiding the drawers

You might not have a house or a car you’re willing to part with, but there’s a good chance you have some unused goods lying around the home. CDs, books, electronics, clothes, media of all kinds. If you have it and it’s in good condition, it’s very likely someone is willing to buy it. For you recent college students, your textbooks could be worth a lot more than you think. Even slightly older editions of books still used in college go for quite a price. Start looking through absolutely everything in the home and pick out what you don’t need. Sites like offer great advice on the best places to sell your goods to get the most value out of them.

By selling your creativity

If you have a creative talent, then you have a good start to make a little extra money. For anyone with writing talents, there are online copywriting, transcription, and localization jobs a-plenty. Some of them have better long-term prospects than others. Similarly, there are plenty of stock photo websites willing to buy photos, art, and graphics for their subscribers to use. If you’re able to create images that deal with rarer subjects than the site currently offers, you can get more. But music royalties might be some of the most profitable things on the virtual marketplace at the moment. Businesses and sites are always looking for music, and even if you can’t make any, you could profit by buying and selling music royalties in their own market.

By selling your knowledge

Perhaps your best asset isn’t a talent, but it’s the knowledge and experience you’ve acquired through your years in a certain career, hobby, or field. Again, writing a blog can be a good way to start monetizing that knowledge. But you could also start hosting webinars to people who could be inspired by your relative success or write an eBook. There are even websites like that allow you to host a virtual classroom from anywhere in the world, acting as the teacher. If you want to be successful, you do need to make sure that what you’re preaching has some genuine merit and that you have the credentials to back them up.

By buying and selling products

It can be considered an investment or a career all on its own, but there’s a growing niche of people who make money exclusively from buying and selling things online. Perhaps you took the advice above and start selling your unwanted items only to find out that you were pretty good at it.

Well, you could make it a full-time thing. You just have to know a bargain when you see it and know where to sell an item to get the most value out of it. As with any asset, the more you know about it, the better, so it’s a good idea to specialize your field of interest if you’re taking this route.

The most important tip when it comes to investing is that you start doing it today. So long as you’re safe and you keep track of what losses are acceptable, so you know when to take your money and go, then bigger gains await you in future the sooner you get started.

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