Entrepreneurial excellence: Getting everything straight from the start

In a time where the rat race lifestyle is becoming obsolete, more and more people are summoning up an entrepreneurial spirit to help them break the nine to five cycle.

The best thing about being an entrepreneur is that you’re the boss, but that comes with a handful of risks and a pocketful of money, which you will need to get you going.

Established businessmen and women have still experienced their fair share of mistakes when entering the unknown world of self-employment, so learn from their advice and take everything on board that you’re about to see. You are about to take on every single role in your potential company all at once; you’re going to be the marketing expert, the accounting manager and the CEO all at the same time. So before diving head first into the pool of entrepreneurship, consider each risk which may befall you.

Perfect passion

Before pulling together a business plan, sit back and ask yourself, ‘Am I going to love this?’ You need to be loving what you’re about to embark on, so if you have any small doubts within your mind then rethink your plan altogether.

There has never been an entrepreneur who has felt half-hearted about his plan, so really get a grasp on what you’re passionate about. You’re going to have to commit to a long-term business plan which may well be earning you an income for many years to come, so don’t go into an industry that is demotivating or disheartening to you.

Every penny that you put into the start-up of your business needs to be absolutely worth it, so use your gut instinct to realize if you’re going to be able to follow through with 100 per cent commitment. Even your most challenging days should feel like a breath of fresh air to you; being resilient and fully able to struggle through the initial difficult days will set you apart as a top-notch entrepreneur.

Build your knowledge

Make sure you’re ready to keep learning, even if you think you’ve already acquired all of the relevant skills you think you need. Take a long hard look at the qualifications you have achieved and think about taking it one step further. You might want to consider gaining bachelors in business leadership, which would inform you how to influence the current global economy.

Getting a strong business background in finance will be an incomparable proficiency to pick up, as well as law and management skills. A degree in business will not only give you the paper credentials required, but it will also give you a glimpse into the real world of business and finance.

Learning can also take a hands-on approach, so once you’ve picked up your training look into working or volunteering in the sector you want to work in. You are never too big to work for somebody else, in fact, many of the biggest names out there started in work experience.

Gaining first-hand experience in an already established business will give you a true insight into what you need to do to become equally as prosperous. Pick people’s brains and learn from those who have already been through the rough times. You will be surprised and how willing people are to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and gain valuable advice.

Innovative image

Everything from your brand logo to your website needs to be professionally presented.

Your image as a company is the first thing that potential consumers will notice and it will often be the deciding factor as to whether they want to spend their hard earned money on your product or service.

Marketing is often driven by the images so make sure you are using high-quality pictures to represent your company online and in your marketing campaigns.

Similarly, if you’re running a client facing business you will need to make sure you look like you mean business so that people will put their trust in you. You don’t want to risk cheapening your business or brand by using sub-par images, so be sure to keep yourself full of quality. Consider paying a reputable marketing agency to assist you in branding your business, spending a little extra cash in certain areas will guarantee a winning business.

Social savviness

Use the awesome social media platforms that are available to you in order to reach out and communicate with your customers. Do your research on the most effective connecting strategies to make your platforms stand out from the rest.

Don’t exhaust yourself by using every single form of social media out there, instead hone in on the most effective one or two which you can spend most of your time and effort perfecting. It is better to have a couple of high-quality posts every few days than inconsistent and pointless ones all the time. Make the most of pictures and videos to entice your online viewers and watch your website traffic soar.

Never stop growing

Keep your mind open and your knowledge continuously widening. Always be willing to go that extra mile for a customer and be sure to put them first when it comes to your day to day duties. You will soon build a loyal base of clients who will rely on your continuous service, so be sure to upkeep it to a high standard.

Your relationship with your customers should be one of the highest things you value, so never compromise on their satisfaction and constantly strive to improve your services for them. Connect with others who are in the same field of business as you and learn from others whenever you can. Never close yourself off to opinions and ideas which may help you to succeed.

Learn to relax

Most entrepreneurs are guilty of not switching off when they should be. You can’t expect your business to run your life, so make sure you take control. Regular breaks and short stints of time off will do you the world of good and you won’t do any harm to your business in doing so. Come back from a break with a refreshed mind and make sure you take the time to relax when you feel you need to.

Of course, starting up a business is no easy feat, but with the right amount of motivation and creativity, you will be ready to take on your passion in no time.

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