Money, money, money: How to get funding for your business idea

If you want to start your own business, then you need to start with a stellar business idea.

But unfortunately, that isn’t going to be enough on its own to ensure business success. Being able to fund your idea is going to be the thing that will get the ball rolling and will allow you to start and grow your business. But that can all be easier said than done.

Whatever your business idea is, from a new cafe to an app or at-home craft business, some kind of cash to get you started is always needed. The good news is that there are plenty of places that you can look for funding. You just need to know what the right one for your business will be and what might work for you the best. Interested to hear what your options are? Here are some of the best ways to get funding for your business.


One of the first avenues of funding to go down is the option of bootstrapping, which in layman’s terms is being able to fund it yourself as much as possible. This could be looking into your savings, as well as using your current income from work or money from friends or family. For some people, it could even mean using home equity against the business, which isn’t always going to be a good idea. If you don’t need much money and can plan to replace it quite quickly, then this could be an option for you. If not, it can be one of the riskier ways to go.

Bank loan

One of the more traditional routes to go down for your business is by getting a bank loan. If you need a loan for your business, then it can mean talking to a financial advisor and laying out your business plan to them. Based on the plan and your calculations the bank or money lender will be able to work out how much they could loan to you, per certain terms and conditions. If your business plan is on par, then this is usually going to be fairly straightforward. The only problem will be if your business plan isn’t proven and the projections you have made don’t add up.


One of the more modern ways to raise funds for a business is through crowdfunding. In short, you offer people something in return for their pledge. And if you reach your target, then their pledges are taken and you can get the ball rolling. Sometimes it is a discounted product that you offer, as well as some freebies. But it can be a good way to generate a buzz on social media about your business or around new product launches.

Angel investors

Similar to a bank, angel investors are private investors that have money that they will invest in certain things, in exchange for a stake in the business. Think of it as your own ‘Shark Tank’ experience where you pitch to them and answer all of their questions. Finding a like-minded angel investor can help, as well as one that you can work well alongside.

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