Staying safe and secure in the office: A guide

When it comes to your company’s office, you probably only view it as a workspace in which your employees get all of their tasks and jobs done.

So, it makes sense that you want to ensure that this space is as productive as possible. But this sometimes means that business leaders place their office productivity above safety and security in the office. You might not think that this is such a big deal – in fact, you might think that it’s up to your employees to keep themselves safe – but it can cost your business dearly if you do neglect your office’s safety and security.

Do you think that it is now time to rethink your office safety and made some improvements? Here are some areas in your office that might require some work.


When we think of safety in the office, the first thing we instantly consider is physical safety. However, the current threat from hackers and viruses is higher than it ever has been. And that means that, as a business, you are responsible for the safety of your employees when they are online at work. If they aren’t careful, they might end up downloading a virus and infecting your whole company’s computer network.

They might even lose some private and sensitive data, which could cost your business dearly. So, as you can see, it is really important that your company’s cybersecurity is as up to date as it can be. Make sure you regularly update all fo your antivirus software and have a strong firewall in place. It’s also necessary to tell your employees best practices for when they are online so that they don’t put themselves in unnecessary danger.

Change your flooring

Have you ever considered the flooring in your office? This is one of the last things on an employer’s mind when they are reviewing their office safety, but it can be one of the main things that cause accidents in the workplace.

Just one slip or trip could end with an employee putting in a personal injury claim against you and the company, and that could result in you being sued.

So, take a look at the floors in your office. Are they made from a slippy material? If so, it’s worth opting for a flooring that offers a bit more friction, such as a carpeted floor.

Offer complete training

It’s important that you regularly train all of your employees so that they continue to carry out their work to the best of abilities.

But you should also make sure that some of this training covers safety in the workspace. Even though work in an office can be relatively low-risk, there are still some things that are worth running through with your workers.

For instance, it is a good idea to train them in the correct way to lift heavy loads. Otherwise, they could end up injuring themselves and causing back problems. This is especially important if they regularly have to go down to the warehouse and bring heavy packages up from storage.

Adjustable equipment

When you are buying new furniture and equipment for your office, you should try and find pieces that are adjustable. For instance, your office chairs should all be adjustable so that everyone can be comfortable when they are working at their desks.

All of this adjustable furniture and equipment will help people achieve the best possible posture when they are at their desk, which can greatly reduce the risk of developing back aches and pains. If you have some furniture that isn’t entirely adjustable, it could be time to think about upgrading.

Fire safety

Offices might have a very low risk of being involved in an emergency, such as a fire, but you still need to go through the correct fire safety procedure with your employees. The best way to show them how they should act in the event of a fire is to carry out regular fire drills.

Generally speaking, most companies have a drill every six months. During the drill, your whole team will have to pretend that the building is on fire. You should then leave through the fire exit as calmly as possible and congregate somewhere outside so that you can take a quick headcount. This is to ensure that everyone got out. You can then return to the building in a calm and collected manner.

Office safety and security have never been more important – make sure you don’t scrimp on yours and put your employees at risk.

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