Beware the injury: It might just derail your career

It’s not nice to think about the injuries that we may suffer through no fault of our own. It’s even worse to think about injuries that happen as a result of our actions.

And it’s just about the worst to have an injury that derails your career and puts you in serious financial jeopardy. Yet though it might not be nice, the truth is that it happens more often than you think. Whether it’s a sports injury, car crash, or anything else, our injuries can set off a chain reaction that has a mightily negative effect on our work.

Time away from work

If you’re injured and need to spend some time in bed as part of the recovery process, then it’ll be unlikely that you’re able to do any work at all. The work that you can do will be limited to whatever can be achieved from the comfort of your bed. As such, even if you are working, you won’t be working your best. In today’s ever competitive job market, a few months of only delivering the bare minimum might mean that you’re overlooked for promotions, given less important duties, or replaced altogether.

Job specific injuries

It’s bad enough if your injury causes you to work for a few months. But what if your injury is directly related to your work, and you’re not able to do your job to the best of your ability….ever? We see this in sports all the time. A sports star can rely on their pace to be the best, get one injury, and then they lose a second of speed; all of a sudden, they’re not as good as they once were. If you’re a programmer and you injure your hands, then you might find that you’re not able to do the one thing that provided you with an income.

The road to recovery

It’s important to remember that it’s not just the injury that you need to be concerned about. The recovery can also be problematic; in some cases, it can be problematic than the injury itself. If your injury isn’t handled properly by the medical professionals you trust to get you better, then you might find that you’re out of work longer than expected. While you’ll be able to seek compensation from experts like Slack & Davis, you’ll want to consider how this will affect your career. Before beginning any course of treatment, make sure you keep in mind how any surgeries or medication that may form part of your recovery will affect your ability to do your job.

Mental health

There’s another aspect of injuries that people often overlook: how it affects your mental well being. If you’re consigned to bed, unable to do the things that you love, and all the while worried about your job, then you might fall into a state of depression. This can persist even after the injury has healed. While you’re in recovery mode, make sure you’re keeping up with the things you love doing, and that you’re getting as much exercise as your injury will permit. If you don’t, and your mental wellbeing begins to dip, it’ll be more difficult to muster the energy to return to your old life.


If you’re a regular employee, then you’ll at least be able to talk to your boss about your injury. If you’re a valuable worker, then they’ll find ways to accommodate your injury. However, you won’t have this option if you’re a self-employed worker. If that happens, and you don’t have anyone else to call upon, then your business will suffer. If this happens, talk to your clients as soon as possible. It’ll also be worth having an emergency fund, which we talk about later in the article.

Watching the weight

It’s also important that you keep on top of your weight during your recovery. If your fitness is compromised, then you may not have the stamina you need to return to your work with the amounts of energy you need. As such, you should watch your calorie intake.

Good preparation

While an injury can impact your career, it doesn’t necessarily have to compromise your financial situation. That is, it won’t if you’ve taken steps to mitigate any issues that a falling income might have. If you haven’t already, start putting money aside in an emergency pot. It won’t prevent you from getting injured, or from keeping your job, but it will mean that their effects aren’t as bad as first imagined.

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