Mihai Ivascu

Moneymailme reveals multi-protocol blockchain marketplace at Paris Fintech Forum

Moneymailme founder and CEO Mihai Ivascu unveiled Modex, what he says is the world’s first multi-platform blockchain app store for smart contracts. The announcement was made at the recent Paris Fintech Forum.

The Modex Smart Contract Marketplace is scheduled to launch Mar. 15.

Mihai Ivascu

Modex bridges the gap between businesses and developers in order to accelerate global adoption of blockchain technology. Given the emerging norm for ‘borderless’ transactions, blockchain’s distributed ledger technology has opened doors for “a new world of data exchange facilitated through Smart Contracts,” stated Mihai Ivascu, group CEO and founder.

“Moneymailme’s Modex Smart Contract Marketplace supplies the infrastructure needed to integrate blockchain capabilities with apps like Moneymailme and endless amounts of others,” Ivascu told investors at the Paris Fintech event. “Our packaging and delivering the platform with our financial partners who have developed practical uses for the tool in Europe and the rest of the world is a really exciting feature,” he said. “Modex is a game-changer.”

Designed to serve as a central hub for multiple third-party applications and web platforms to plugin with and deploy smart contracts, the Modex Marketplace incorporates significant advantages for consumer adoption, enterprise cost savings, developer tools, community trust and engagement, IP protection, and revenue opportunities for developers, all centered around the smart contract ecosystem that Modex has created.

The infrastructure is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain protocol and was conceived to incorporate emergent protocols also supporting smart contracts.

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