Dave Gilhespy

The ai Corporation appoints Robin Whitehead, David Gilhespy and Natasha Westover to senior management team

The ai Corporation (ai) an FCA-approved expert in payments, fraud and risk management, today announced the appointment of Robin Whitehead, David Gilhespy and Natasha Westover, as chief technology officer (CTO), chief operations officer (COO) and finance director, respectively.

Today’s strategic hires build on ai’s 2017 acquisition of the fuel card processor SmartCentric, and come at a time when ai is experiencing consistent and significant growth. In 2017, ai continued its double-digit growth track record, with a 50 per cent increase in normalized revenue year-on-year.

ai’s fuel card processing solutions cover more than 15 million B2B active cards across 45 countries, in more than 200,000 sites and 90-plus product types. Its existing payments and fraud portfolio also covers more than 100 banks, protecting three million multi-channel merchants and more than 300 million consumer cardholders across the globe.

“I’m pleased to say we’re positively impacting our industry, from both a client success and technological innovation perspective. We take customers from where they are, to where they want to go, and we work side-by-side with our partners to simplify their approach and drive business success,” said Dr. Mark Goldspink, CEO of ai.  “Our business is growing and we’re on our way to becoming one of the most recognized brands in the machine learning, payment, fraud and risk management space. Building out the team to strengthen our brand globally with the additions of Robin, David and Natasha, drives our business forward and will further cement our ability to provide an end to end solution, that enables real-time card management, with real-time fraud prevention.”

As CTO, Mr. Whitehead heads the company’s data science, technology and engineering teams, underpinning its solutions with the latest machine learning techniques and technology. He is responsible for continued growth and innovation of ai’s core technology platforms. Most recently ai’s development director, he previously held executive positions at PayVector.

“I’m excited to be appointed as ai’s CTO at such a pivotal time in the business’s history, and to help ensure the company’s legacy of enhanced payment, fraud and risk management solutions continue to thrive,” Mr. Whitehead said. “I’ve dedicated my career to ensuring end customers are able to succeed by simplifying their omni-channel payments processes, while stopping fraud at source.”

Dave Gilhespy

Mr. Gilhespy will be responsible for managing and overseeing ai’s global operations. As COO he will focus on growing the footprint of ai’s international business and continuing the company’s mission to simplify the complexities of omni-channel payments and fraud prevention.

As Financial Director, Ms. Westover supports ai’s CEO, Dr Mark Goldspink, its commercial directors and senior management team regarding financial strategy, accounting, budgeting and financial reporting and management relating to ai and its subsidiaries.

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