The Chargeback Company adds travel industry payments expert

Stefano Petrazzoli

The Chargeback Company, also known as Chargebacks911, has named Stefano Petrazzoli its new director of travel relations.

Mr. Petrazzoli joins from, where he built its global payment operations team, focusing on tackling the rising industry threat of chargebacks. Leading the payments department, he was responsible for creating and scaling first-class operations, including chargeback and payment trend analysis and managing relationships with vendors, travel industry merchants and providers. Mr. Petrazzoli will use his knowledge to boost The Chargeback Company’s expertise in the travel industry.

As director of travel relations at The Chargeback Company, Mr. Petrazzoli’s role sees him supporting ongoing lobbying efforts to improve dispute processing rules and strategies, expanding travel-specific channels, and working to enhance the relationship between suppliers, affiliates, merchants and financial institutions; supporting customers’ needs, and creating opportunities for cooperation and awareness in the travel industry.

“The Chargeback Company is unique for its global vision with a powerful long-term plan to revolutionise chargeback management within the travel industry, bringing together international parties and creating a community which will ultimately benefit the traveller worldwide,” Mr. Petrazzoli said.

“Stefano brings vast ability and industry know-how to his new role,” director of global business development Carolyn Sweeney said. “It’s a rare occasion to acquire someone of his outstanding aptitude whose whole focus is the customer, ensuring their needs are constantly addressed and assuring the best possible service. Stefano is as talented as he is amiable, a true industry gem.”