Blockchain firm DECENT releases 2018 roadmap

DECENT, a blockchain company looking to pioneer the space with their own proprietary technology called DCore, released their 2018 roadmap this week.

The company takes pride in the fact that they listen to their growing fan base and supportive community, utilizing feedback as they continually seek to build the best possible platform. The following roadmap is full of new developments, new products, refocused projects, and website overhauls and gives their supporters a good idea of where the company is headed.

In Q1 DECENT will focus on changes to DGo, a content distribution system. The initiative will include discontinuing content distribution while maintaining wallet functionality. Progress will also be made in U.S. film distribution, payment processing and game distribution.

Q2’s priority will be enhancing the knowledge base and API documentation. Additional use cases for the DCore Blockchain will be identified, such as uploading, purchasing creating and using custom tokens, and creating and importing accounts. DECENT also aims to produce mining, seeding and developmental interface installation guides.

Look for news on the DCore Android SDK over the summer, DECENT predicts. They plan to release a toolkit, documentation and code samples for developing applications on Android platforms. The DCT wallet will be improved, as holders will be able to view, send and receive DCT-based custom tokens. More security options will also be added.

Both the DECENT and DCore websites will get an upgrade in the third quarter. The DCore website will help people build applications on the DCore blockchain. They can download SDKs, learn how to use APIs and get improvement tips.

In Q4 the schedule calls for DCore iOS SDK improvements. Look for a toolkit, documentation, and code samples which will allow developers to produce applications on iOS platforms. A mobile wallet for the Android platform will facilitate full account management, including custom tokens.